HELP! I need ORIGINAL art for my AU project!

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HELP! I need ORIGINAL art for my AU project!

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Help! It doesn't matter if its a practice sketch of your grandmother, a girl in a bikini, an armored vehicle, or a design of your own. Pdf, jpeg, whatever.

The project is an AU where the Wolverines survived, with 20 Clans descended from them and a civilian government, presented in a field manual-style format. The Clans included in this volume are Clan Frost Ape, Clan Carnoraptor, Clan Surf Dragon, Clan Devil Wasp, and Clan Tundra Leopard.

If you want to CREATE SOMETHING to submit, I can give you the entry for the group that interests you. At this point, anything provided will be included - as long as its ORIGINAL. So far, I got nothing but text, and I want to have something other than the Clan and civilian logos I'm planning to commission.

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Is this a fan work, or a chance to get something connonized in an expansion of the Battletech world?
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