Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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I figured I would try my hand at an actual story instead of just small snippets found only in Battlemechs and combat vehicles that I do.

I will update this story as best as I can.
so please enjoy what I have thus far.
After the fall of the star league Jim Jade figured it was time to leave the Inner sphere and take his entire company with him. Even with the protest of his investors he packed up his people, broke down the factories, stripped everything they could, and destroyed all memory cores that they could not take with them.

Waiting them in orbit above Terra six elephant class Dropships waited for the resources and people alike.

The sky around Terra was filled with different kinds of Dropships, some big & some small taking all that they could hold.

The vast fleet of civilian craft would hitch a ride on the many Jumpships or at least as many as they had left after the many different wars that they was commandeered for.

The Largest Jumpship was the Merchantman which was the most costly to build and was one of five, though because of much fighting this was the last of its brethren and the scars of war could be seen on its sides where scorch marks from PPCs and pocket marks where LRMs had hit it.
Only time to fix the most damaged sections the ship looked as if it was held together by wires, blood, duck tape, and glue.

The other Jump ships was the much smaller Merchantmen which had seen their own share of combat. The many Dropships loaded and once complete the ships jumped heading for sections of space uncharted with hopes of finding a safer home.

In total six worlds across the Inner sphere and different houses was left behind and taking a good chunk of the work force with them forced the houses to bring in people to fill in the gaps left behind and to rebuild.

It would be sixty years before the FOIS would make contact with the Inner sphere which had surprised many as they had been written off as lost.
They made their comeback with mechs not seen since the fall of the Star League though downgraded yet still viable for combat.

Among the war machines was newer Dropships & Jumpships designed to act as both military & civilian craft thanks to its modular systems that allowed for quick and easy additions of weapons or removal for larger cargo bays.

With their arrival also came a new mercenary unit known as the blue swords armed with mechs not sold by the FOIS and with technology long lost to them.
~end of file~

Dart put the Noteputer down careful not to damage the crystal face and rubbed his eyes before letting out a long yawn.

“Why did they cut of the history there? I mean this is for private use after all.” Dart Muttered.

“Be thankful I managed to get that much from the historians.” A female voice said from behind him just as he felt a slim hand on his left shoulder.
He took it in his and kissed it gently before turning around to see his XO and wife waiting for him.

“That is true, and it was a wonderful read even if it was full of holes.” Dart Chuckled and got up slowly as the Dropship was waiting for the recon team to report back with the LZ.

“Been an hour since their last contact, I hope they hadn’t run into trouble.” Dart said with a troubled look on his face.

“Don’t worry Jenna is with them so if any problems arise she can handle it.” Jan said trying to sound convincing as she could.

“Normally I would agree but the team is in lightly armed & armored LAMs.” Dart knew he should have sent actual fighters in but Jenna hated normal fighters and being a highly skilled LAM pilot she refused to pilot anything else.
Before Jan could reply the bridge called but beating him to it Jan answered first. “Good news I hope Alex?”

“Yeah just got word from Jenna, says she found a great spot but could use a little help, sent the Blue Devils out to give them a hand.” Alex knew she might have over stepped her boundaries but relaxed when he complemented her quick actions.

On the ground Jen looked at the glowing analog clock projected to the lower right of her canopy. ‘five more minutes..’ she thought as she moved her LAM to the hard right just as a Light Auto cannon shell flew past her cockpit.

“Damn they just don’t give up!” Jen grumbled.

“Well they think they have a better chance against us since their riflemen have longer reach than we do.” Came the Voice of her lance mate.

“You don't say Jake.” Retorted a different voice.

“Tina watch it or I’ll shove my LAM’s foot right up you’re a—“ Jake’s reply was cut short as he dodged a AC shell.

“Cut the chatter and drop that lance of Riflemen!” Jen ordered and three voiced echoed ‘roger’.
They dodged the best they could but was getting nowhere fast in the air because of the Riflemen so they was forced to go to the ground which made the enemy warriors think they dropped the fighters.

Only to be met by a barge of Large & small Lasers tearing into the enemy mech’s armor where they set one off due to hitting the ammo bins or blowing off a limb.

Jen gritted her teeth as a AC round slammed into the side of her LAM and tearing off the left wing of her LAM grounding her.

The LAMs they was piloting was different from the Star League era LAMs as the FOIS refined them and to help speed up the process they removed the battlemech mode completely and instead opted just for the Hybrid mode & fighter mode.

The LAM now had a cleaner and smother transition that stripped more than half the time it use to take to change.

They now had been surrounded by two lances of mechs and tanks moving in to finish them off when fighters swarmed the enemy.

“Took yer time Tony.” Jen said.

“That happens when you are dancing with the enemy.” Tony said.

Above them eight fighters brought hellish lighting down upon the enemy mechs as red PPC whips lashed out at the enemy units while others released fiery hell upon the enemy tanks using their trademark blue Inferno Missiles.

One of the Devils was too far away for SRMs however the Missiles reached with ease which then exploded releasing its flaming payload.

“What the hell?” Jen said as she quickly side stepped out of the way or risk getting some of the hellish goo on her machine as well.

“Watch it!” Jen hissed at the fighter who fired it.

“Don’t get your coolant vest in a twist I know what I am doing.” A female voice with a hint of humor in it retorted.

Jen muttered something but wise to keep her voice down so her throat mic didn’t activate.
The Devils fled due to being out of ammunition and fuel running low leaving an even more battered team.

The enemy Riflemen lowered their Auto cannons down at Jen’s unit and fired sending Auto Cannon shells into the paper thin armor destroying the LAMs and killing Jake who scarified himself to use his machine as a shield.

Thinking they was all going to die she closed her eyes but instead of feeling pain that would be followed by nothing she heard the sound of metal on metal and the ground shaking as a Goliath landing on one of the Rifleman from the Dropship it had leaped from.

“Bout time you shown up Shawn” Jen muttered.

“Better late than never.” Shawn said.

“The one behind you killed Jake.” Jen hissed and Shawn mule kicked the Rifleman in the leg crushing armor plating and breaking the mech’s ‘bone’ causing it to crumple under its own weight and then stepped on the cockpit.

“Oops” Shawn said as he turned his machine around and fired the PPC cutting a huge molten scar across one of the remaining Riflemen right arm and melting the AC barrel which sent molten metal into the Large Laser barrel and ruining the weapon.

Over head flew a Aerospace carrier designed to quickly mobilize standard Battlemechs of a certain weight.

The 100 ton carrier released a blue Crab which once dropped parachutes deployed to allow a gentle landing.

Jen smiled and quickly ran for the mech and climbed up the ladder to the enclosed cockpit and did the system checks as fast as she could.

“Voice activation required.” The voice of the Computer stated.

“A heart of Ignis, gaze of Glacies, and a soul of skotadi for I am death” Jen said and the mech came to life.

Jen looked over the mech’s weapon systems and was glad to see the left arm’s PPC’s status was green which means the techs finely managed to work out the kinks in the PPC’s power system as it wasn’t charging completely.

Next to her was Rex’s Commando however because of the heavy fire June’s stinger could not be deployed.

“Well let’s see how they fair against some actual battlemechs.” Jen said with a savage smile.

Moving quickly she dodged the enemy fire and grabbed the side of the tank and flipped it over and released hell from her PPC and then moved to the next target.

“Well damn!” Jen muttered as an Atlas came into view followed by three battlemasters.

The Atlas was close to range with its large bore AC and just as she thought she seen a blur of metal from its AC it shook and fell backwards as weapon fire from the Minuteman Aerodyne Dropship came down low and out of the mech bays the Blue Sword Command lance leaped out and landed close to Jen.

In front of her stood a Thug armed with a PPC, Axe, Jump Jets, and medium lasers it was a side to behold and to be feared.

The Thug moved into action the moment it landed driving the Axe down and crushing what remains of the armor over the closest Battlemaster’s left arm and cutting it off at the shoulder sending the arm to the ground and causing it to stumble backwards.

However instead of falling backwards the pilot managed to regain their balance and returned fire cutting a large molten line across the Thug’s center torso and barely missed the cockpit.

With a loud crack of thunder a purple whip of manmade lighting left Jen's PPC and snaked across the short distance leaving a scent of ozone in the air.

Upon impact a large swath of damage was cut across second Battlemaster that caused molten metal to flow down from the gash like blood coming from its left leg.

Fallowing up the PPC Jen did some minor damage against with a glancing slash across the face of the Battlemaster sending molten blood down from over the left side of the enemy cockpit and blocking some of the view.

Using the distraction the Thug brought its axe down and crushing and sending metal shards from where the blade bit into the mech’s left side of its head but failed to crack the armor completely as the Battlmaster tried to move at the very last moment which caused sparks and the loss of its communication system.

The Pilot within suffered none the less as he blacked out and falling backwards like a puppet with its strings cut.

With the loss of the final assault the enemy units within the tanks gave up and exited slowly with their hands in the air.

The first of many battles for the world that once belonged to the FOIS some hundred years ago was over but the war still rages on.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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At the LZ the three dropships had landed and unloaded their cargo while the fighting had raged on between house Liao and the forces of the Blue Swords.

A sniper had set up shop not far from the LZ hidden among the many old wrecked buildings still allowing the clean shot for whomever was in his line of sight.

The Death Commandos though cowards still was good at what they do, their first target was a tech of the Command lance. With the target chosen the sniper pulled the trigger and a moment later the young man fell dead.

A second shot rang out as the sniper blew out the reactor since the hatch had been open do to the tech doing some last minute checks on the reactor leaving it open.

‘The invaders think they can take this world from the house Laio then they are sorely mistaken.’ The sniper thought as he and his spotter left.
It didn’t take long for the Shield’s commandos found them and captured them. Though to prevent the Death commandos from committing suicide they was hit with tranquilizer darts and their laser rifles set on low to only to stun them.
However the Death Commandos still managed to ingest fast acting poison to prevent them from being captured alive.

“So the cowards not only killed Jimmy, damaged a mech, and then killed themselves instead of being arrested?” Dart asked as he seen the bodies as they was carried away.

“Anyway to tie them back to house Liao?” Dart asked and the Commando shook his head.

“We may know what they are but without proof we are not permitted to strike back, only thing we can do is now is force complete surrender of the planet’s armed forces and then force all living here off the planet for repopulation with FOIS personal “ Jen said as she handed her noteputer to Dart.

Dart did a quick scan, “Does it have to be everyone?” Dart asked and he handed it back to her.

“Harsh as it may be but HQ wants to make sure none that could be an enemy of the FOIS hiding among the civilian population and risking harm to the Personal or property so its best to move everyone.” Jan said as she skimmed through the orders.

“Sir!” a young com officer called out to him.

“Yes?” Dart asked.

“Quarter knights have reported contact with enemy forces.” She said.

“That’s Kim’s unit.. has she been told of her brother’s murder?” Dart asked and Jan was the one to respond with a no.

“For the enemy’s sake let’s hope she doesn’t find out until she gets back to base.” Dart said before sitting down.

“That is coldhearted, one of our own cut down in a cowardly act and you haven’t any emotion whatsoever! Don’t you care about your people at all?” a young tech demanded.

“Astech McKay you are out of line!” Jan started to say but Dart held out his hand to stop any further outburst from ether of them.

“McKay, this is your first mission I take it?” Dart asked his voice gentle yet stern at the same time.

“Y-yes.” She said and Dart just smiled.

“I’ll let this outburst slide just once do it again and you will be reprimanded am I understood?” Dark asked.

“Y-yes sir I apologize.” She said and then turned round and left.

“You are too easy going on the young ones Dart.” Jan said and Dart just shrugged.

“She shows great promise and Kevin requested her for his team shows she is worth having on the team.” Dart replied after a long moment of pause.

Turning back to the holotable and keyed up the display to view the area that the Knights was at and who they was battling.

Pressing a few more buttons to see the enemy mechs that had been tagged and raised an eyebrow.

“Hmm, haven’t seen a Cataphract this far out before.” Dart muttered as he cycled through the three other mechs a Raven, Blackjack, and a beat up Panther.

The Quarter Knights was made up of a Battlemaster, Thunderbolt, Thug, and Maunder which was supported by three Trilobites and a platoon of Infantry armed with SRMs and Laser rifles.

Pressing a few more buttons he accessed the damage display of the Knight’s and was glad to see that the knights hadn’t suffered to bad in terms of damage but what bothered him was how much ammo they had expended just to deal with the enemy.

The Trilobites on the other hand had suffered heavier damage but still fighting despite two no longer able to move and had become a turret at two points in the city firing at anything that came into range of the PPC.

The Infantry thankfully only lost nine men and had been battling the enemy’s own infantry which was still raging on.

Pressing one last button he brought up the satellite feed and zoomed in to see other areas of the City using technology lost to the rest of the Inner sphere due to fighting however the Blue Swords had the upper hand.

“Patch me through to Kim’s Battlemaster.’ He ordered his Communication officer who worked quickly.

“Kim you have three more enemy mechs heading your way, I say fifteen minutes away at best so stop playing with them and get moving.” Dart told her and her only reply was a slew of cussing in Latin.

Dart blinked and looked at Jan, “Well it seems her Latin is coming along well.” Jan said with a quiet chuckle.

Kim muttered an apology and then spoke up, “Three huh? Know what they are?” Kim asked.

“One second.” Dart replied as he checked the Sat feed and stroked his beard as he pulled up the data, “Vindicator, Striker, and Phoenix Hawk.” Dart said.

“Any chance they was already damaged before hand?” Kim asked sounding more annoyed than worried.

“No” Dart answered and cut the feed with Kim as he knew what was going to come next.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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sorry for the long delay, not use to writing an actual story, anyways with out further delay...
Kim muttered something before pulling up some information on her command computer which held information of all units close to her people.

Seeing a unit icon show up she tapped it with a tip of her leather glove pulling up the unit information, It was the Blue Shield unit which was normally never far from Dart’s main force as they was created to protect a newly won LZ, the capital of the FOIS, or protecting a diplomat.

Taping something else she seen the lance was slightly battered but mainly minor armor damage.

“Mech Warrior Dana I request your aid.” Kim said while awaiting her reply Kim moved her people
into the shadows of the buildings within the now vacant civilian living center.

A Clicking sound came from her CC and seen that Dana would aid them and would be there in ten minutes.

Kim checked her radar and seen that the enemy would get there before Dana’s force could.

“Alright people we have a tough fight a head of us, we are hurt and low on ammunition and with a fresh set of enemy units heading our way we need to hold out until the Shields can reach us.” Kim said and her people acknowledged and the fight would begin within a few minutes time.

‘Okay just need to stall for time and take as little damage as humanely possible.’ Kim thought and just as she twisted her mech’s upper torso to the left to get a better view of the battlefield a Particle Projection Cannon had fired and sent a blue whip of manmade lighting crackling through the air and leaving a deep blacken scar across her machine’s upper torso and costing her almost a full ton of armor which rain down like blood from a fresh wound.

She scanned the area quickly to find that the Vindicator had jumped up on a building giving it a better angle on her which it took a snap shot at her with its PPC hitting her left arm melting almost a ton which splattered onto the ground below.

She returned his attack three fold, firing her PPC and medium Lasers tore into the enemy Vindicator, the PPC slashed a long jagged scar across it’s chest followed by the lasers which carved into the machine’s right arm and right torso causing it to stumble backwards and soon a blur of silver spat from the shoulder mounted Assault Cannon tore through the right torso of the Vindicator and ripping the right arm off at the shoulder and causing it to spin off the building and landing on the ground in front of her.

Kim raised her mech’s right foot and brought it down on the cockpit of the enemy machine over and over again. Letting out her rage of losing her brother to these cowards until a voice cut in, “Are you sure you really need our help?” Dana asked.

“Yeah, well took you long enough to get here so I figured why not start the dance and you could join in when you got here.” Kim said showing no sign of losing her cool.

“So um yeah, I think one stomp would have only been needed.” Dana said moving her Marauder X next to her.

The 100 ton machine was slightly shorter than the BattleMaster 2X but still just as deadly.

“later I would love to see the specks on your mech later.” Dana said, “Same here, would love to see that new machine.” Kim said.

“New? Hardly it’s just come out last year been in the works since the fall of the Star League.” Dana said which made Kim raise an eye brow.

The other three knights met up with Kim now and waited for what was to come next.

“So what’s the eta on the rest of the enemy force?” Kim asked Dana.

“They turned around and fled the moment we came into sensor range.” Dana said.

“So what now?” Kim asked and Dana opened up a private channel with Kim.

“We are to report to the Star port and do a few hours of patrol before heading in and meeting up for a meeting.” Dana said and Kim sighed.

“Yeah I know you are tired but so is everyone else.” Dana said and then added, “my team and I will be waiting here for salvage teams before heading in.”

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Author note
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Kim’s eyes almost glazed over at the long officer’s meeting which seemed to last forever and just as she was about to mentally check out Dart came over and dropped some old school books in front of her jarring her out of her haze.

“Well since you seem bored you get to help me fill out some reports, for home office.” Dart said and Kim was about to protest when he held up her tooth brush and waved it in front of her and any protest she was about to make was kept to herself.

Once the other officers left the meeting Dart sat down in the chair next to her and she muttered something.

“I know it was long but it was important and you missed some key points made.” Dart said not in the tone of an annoyed commanding officer but as a friend.

“I know, I just don’t like long meetings.” Kim said.

“I know and that’s why I always keep them short and to the point.” Dart said as he watched her.

“All but this time, almost as if you wanted me in trouble.” Kim said as her eyes seem to narrowed in annoyance.

“That’s because I did, it was easier to keep this between us.” Dart said and Kim raised an eyebrow.

“Your father is coming here on the next Jumpship, and he is coming with a new craft.” Dart said and Kim suddenly looked as if she was going to curse but knew better and kept her temper in check.

The last time they seen each other they had a huge fist fight because she chose the way of the warrior when he wanted her to become a captain of a Jumpship or Dropship.

“There is more isn’t there?” Kim asked.

Dart nodded and slid the noteputer to her. She looked it over and her eyes widen, “The Foley class?” Kim asked and scrolled over the weapon system and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“What is this thing?” Kim asked him.

“You know how the Star League and the great houses had warships before the succession wars where they lost much of their technology because of stupidity and among that was the Warships.” Dart said.

“However the FOIS was smart enough to flee before it was drawn into the many fights that would have ether destroyed the FOIS or reduced its technology level.” Dart added.

“So in other words the FOIS did what the SLDF under General Kernsky had done?” Kim asked.

“Heavens no, we only fled with our people and asserts to a easier defendable system but kept on selling to the Great Houses and even sending some ‘peace keeping’ forces at the request of some of the houses so they could also see what they was going to buy in live fire action.” Dart told her as he felt a offended that she would clump in the FOIS with the cowards that fled the Inner Sphere like cowards because they couldn’t handle the ‘heat’.

“Um anyways Dart you was saying about the new ship?” Kim asked to keep the conversation on track.

“With This ship the FOIS is trying to revive the Warship class however because of how costly they are and the fact that we are trying to keep the fact that the FOIS still has the technology to produce Star League era weapon systems for warship hidden.” Dart told her.

“If I recall from school didn’t the Warships had jump capability however the Foley lacks that system, so how is it getting here?” Kim asked.

“It had to hitch a ride with the Cockings.” Dart said which made Kim stiffen a little as it was her father’s ship.

“If you don’t mind me asking but what is with the name?” Dart asked her.

“It is named after an old Earth person who gained fame from a ‘web show’ whatever that was.” Kim said with a shrug.

“What is the role of this ship anways?” well for the one we have coming it a fast interceptor that will be patrolling the area while we are reestablishing our presents here and as we know the Capcon isn’t known for giving things back without a fight or without trying to take it back.” Dart said with a sigh as he knew that once they left there would be a skeleton force left until more units can arrive.

“You said this one, how many are there?” Kim asked.

“Two thus far, the 01 which is the Interceptor and the 02 that is a much slower craft designed for carrier role.” Dart said as he took the NP from her and scrolled to the right section and handed it back to her.

“Fifty to sixty craft?” Kim asked as it looked like it could have held more.

“More could be fit in if a large chunk of its weapons was removed but the team nixed the idea.” Dart said.

“Couldn’t they just make the ship bigger?” Kim asked.

“They could but keeping them small allows us to build them faster and for the time being only four will be built in total, one for each system that will need patrolling.” Dart said.

Kim looked through the notes, “What is a Sol station?” she asked.

“The Sol Station is where ships like the Foley and the Cocking can be docked, refitting, repairs, recharging, and so on.” Dart said.

“So in other words a space station?” Kim asked.

“Sort of, it will be unmanned and everything will be done automatically.” Dart said.

“Anyways enough of that, I think it’s time we call it a night, Jan and I have a meeting to get to and I am sure you are tired.” Dart said as he got up and walked out.

‘meeting’ Kim snickered and smiled as she got up and walked back to her room as she was tired and only wanted to sleep.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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On board the Dropship Dart was sitting in his chair as his wife massaged his shoulders, “You are too tense, you need to relax a little.” She said to him as he was reading a fresh report from the planet they just left.
“A bug problem.. she sent in a report about a bug problem…” Dart muttered as he placed the noteputer in its charging station.
“Well it must be one hell of a bug problem for her to gripe about it.” Jan said as she noticed Dart poking at the small golden statute of a Commando II which made the trio of lasers light up on its left arm.
On the shelf behind him Jan noticed a new golden mech statue of a Thug holding a Hatchet and she raised an eyebrow.
The shelf held several mechs, each one was a machine once produced, was still in production, or machines once piloted by the earlier commanders of the Blue Swords.
“So what’s actually gotten you down?” Jan asked him as there was an actual reason he was not his normal chipper self.
“Just got the latest Intel from New Terra and it isn’t looking good.” Dart said as he looked up at the ceiling before closing his eyes as he recalled the report.
“The dragon is refusing to vacate the world and they captured and killed the FOIS ambassador and her bodyguards.” Dart said.
“Refusing was natural but to kill the ambassador seems a little much.” Jan said as Dart simply nodded.
“Yeah and now our warriors are out for blood.” Dart explained.
“Well just as long as they don’t take it out on the civilians then there isn’t much to worry about yes?” Jan asked and Dart looked at her.
“It’s not just that, the fighting will most likely be even harsher than the fighting we had just finished.” Dart told her.
Jan read the report on the terminal on the desk, “Reports of troop movements and a company of mixed units being moved to New Terra.”
“They really want to keep that world don’t they?” Jan asked as Dart nodded.
“The moon of the smallest planet in the system is rich in resources while the belt is really abundant with the ore that allows KF drives to be built and if you own such a rich supply..” Dart said trailing off.
“Then you will have an edge.” Jan said finishing his train of thought.
“So what are we going to do?” Jan asked him.
“We will be meeting up with the Raven Hawk Aerospace fighter carrier for support as we have been getting reports of three or four fighter wings to protect the mining facility in the belt.” Dart said and Jan nodded understanding what that meant.
“How long will it take us to get there?” Jan asked.
“three weeks” Dart said as he got up and went over to the bed and laid down and Jan followed suit as they finely docked with the Jump ship.
The caption came on over the speaker system, “Alright we will be jumping in five minutes be ready to have barf bags close by for those who need them.” The Caption then signed off.
“I really hate this part..” Dart said and held the barf bag close to him.
Jan sighed and chuckled, she was never bothered by this but he was.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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The ship Jumped and it seemed like a blast of colors hit him in the face overloading his senses for a moment as the ship returned to normal space and feeling like he left his stomach behind he lost his lunch.

“The big bad Merc commander taken out by a Jump, what would your people think if they could see you now?” Jan asked teasing him.

“Hush you!” Dart muttered as he lurched over again.

Jan sighed and shook her head and floated over to the cooler to grab some cold water and handed it to him.

The water contained medication to sooth the stomach after a jump or had a normal upset stomach.

“This is your caption speaking, if everyone is finished losing their lunch we request that they get to the weapon blisters and deal with the enemy fighters.

“Geez we just got here.” Dart muttered as he slowly got up and went for the door only to be stopped by Jan.

“Best to let the gunners deal with this, because let’s face it you suck at space combat.” Jan told him.

“Bridge then?” Dart asked her.

“No, leave this to those that know what they are doing and no micromanaging.” Jan said and Dart muttered something and headed for the mech bay built into the Jump ship itself and climbed aboard a Mech defender armed with Two Large Lasers, two AC 2s, and 12 SRMs and ten tons of armor.

Moving onto the platform the mech rose up to the hull of the ship which brought the weapons from standby mode to combat ready along with tying the ship’s sensors into the Mech’s own allowing him a broader view of the battle.

Next to him rose three more mechs and two LAMs had launched and changed to their only other mode which was the hybrid mode which was allowing the pilot to be much more nimble.

The Four mechs showing up had surprised the enemy fighter pilots, which allowed the team to destroy two and cripple three more.

Dart’s machine rocked by several Medium Laser hits from a group of four Sparrows which made him grunt as he hated the effects of this kind of fighting but it was the only way that he felt useful.

Torso twisting to the left he raised his left arm and fired his Laser and light auto cannon followed by the missiles mounted in ‘boxes’ slung on the side of the arm sending a swarm of Missiles towards his tormentors.

The Laser struck one of the fighters’ wings and vaporizing the armor while the Missiles gutted another one’s cockpit.

One of the two remaining fighters came in low and fired scoring a Medium Laser hit against the head of his mech and blinding him for a few moments which was enough for them to make another pass carving off more armor from his mech.

One of his fellow mech warriors fired and driving off the other two enemy light fighters due to wounding the fighters.

In their place though came a wing of medium fighters, though by this time Dart was able to make most of the ghost image go away but he would still have a hard time trying to hit them as his sensors took a hit and his targeting computer was scrambled.

Dart Cursed his luck as he had to manually target the enemy which wouldn’t be so bad if this was not in space.

“Sir we have four new bogies coming and from the looks of them it is a Lucifer class and they are making a beeline for us.” Diana said as the enemy fired a swarm of LRMs as they closed in sending eighty missiles swarming towards them.

Though before the missiles could get close twenty Machine guns fired at once along with thirty Small Lasers firing cutting down almost all of them and the rest leaving pocket marks on the armored hull of the Jump Ship.

The Missiles was a distraction as lances of energy from the enemies large lasers struck home each targeting Dart’s machine hitting his left arm sending hardening molten armor in all directions and floated away and down.

Dart gritted his teeth as he torso twisted to bright his right arm up at the attackers and fired everything he had and as quickly as his weapons could cycle through.

He managed to score some light damage against the enemy fighter closest to him but it seemed that he pilot didn’t notice or it didn’t bother him.

The LAMs lifted off and grabbed the closest enemy fighter and punched the cockpit hard enough to break the canopy and killing the pilot within.

Dart was forced to retreat as his machine had burnt out the Lasers and jammed his Auto Cannon and was soon followed up by the other three mechs.

As his mech’s head was just above the port he seen one of the LAMs being blown apart as their thin armor was not that thick as it had to been scarified for better mobility and was also lightly armed as well.

Dart gritted his teeth but knew he was no good up there with a busted sensor and one Small Laser hit from a cockpit breach.

Dart rushed to his quarters to watch the fighting as the information was fed to his terminal and that allowed him to watch.

Pressing a point on the hologram allowed him to switch to the fighting that the main fighter groups was dealing with.

He watched as seventy fighters from their side move as if in a deadly dance with the enemy and trading shoots ether well aimed or just pot shots and each side dealing damage.

He moved his finger over to the dot and made a tapping motion and the holomap moved to the left and shrinking a little and a list of pilot names showed up.

Out of eighty fighters seventeen would not come back thus far and then swiping over the list of remaining pilots he pressed their names and brought up their status screens.

Twenty was in need of heavy repairs, ten ran out of ammo for their main weapons, and sixteen was barely holding together.

The rest was ether in the green or minor armor damage but all was running low on ammunition.
It seemed like it would last forever but in the end only lasted thirty minutes from launch to return, the enemy had retreated.

Dart had ordered a retrieval team to bring back the dead if possible and any ships that could be salvaged but his main concern was recovering their dead.

In all they had thirty seven fighters left in deployable condition some needed just miner armor patches and fresh ammo while twenty would take a while to repair and then put back into service while the rest had to be scrapped for part.

Jan knew that every loss weighted down on him a little as he knew all of them and even grew up with some while good friends with their families but he said nothing as he closed the screen and looked down at his desk before looking at his wife.

“Why was I recalled, the odds of them hitting the head is rather low.” Dart said.

“It is an auto recall system put in place for all units should they come close to losing the machine or the life of the pilot.” Jan explained.

Dart nodded and got up and floated to their bed and Jan was already waiting for him and floating over to the bed and pulled the covers over them both and Jan turned the lights out as she knew once they was actually deployed the fight would get nasty.

Two hours later Dart was in his Thug waiting to be deployed, as he was counting down the seconds he was running over his mech’s systems checking ammunition, Fusion engine, Zeus MK II Particle Projection Cannon, heat sinks, the status of his Raven MK II Jump jets, and then his Axe which bothered him as the shaft had taken a glancing hit from a SRM.

“Something bothering you boss?” Tina asked him as she could see him through her Battlemaster’s Cockpit.

“Just a bad feeling.” Dart said as he did one more full system check as they was given the light for deployment.

The Spheroid Dropship shuttered for a moment as it righted itself and the bay doors opening to reveal the land below yet unable to actually land due to heavy fire which meant the LZ was hot so Dart led the a reinforced lance of jump capable mechs to try and push back the enemy force.

“Boss you know I hate this type of maneuvers right?” Tina said to Dart who chuckled.

“Don’t worry you’ll do fine as long as you use control burst from your jets, land with bent knees, and as even ground as you can find.” Dart told her.

He watched the timer in the corner of his cockpit count down quickly and as soon as the timer hit zero and the correct height was reached he ordered everyone to jump as soon as the others was clear.

Keeping his Thug leveled the best he could he used controlled burst while also aiming for the best place to land.

As Dart was coming down he took pot shots with his PPC at any mech that dared stray within range of his weapon.

Like Dart Tina was doing the same and since she was still further up she had time to lock on with her LRMs and firing off twenty LRMs from her four LRM 5 packs which sent the swarm of missiles at a Panther which scored hits all over the mech creating small carters in the armor covering the head, left torso, and right arm while a few sent small explosions around the mech as they missed.

She fired waves of LRMs as she was coming down so she could actually fire as quickly as they loaded so she didn’t lose the lock.

The pilot of the Panther backed his mech from sight and hid among the trees now breaking her lock.

A Wasp was among the units dropping with Dart, the Wasp fired round after round of SRMs from her Right torso rack but unlike normal SRMs these warheads exploded and spilling their flaming gel over the tree line and causing a fire to start.

“Damn it Kendra I told you no infernos, we want to take this world back with as little damage to it as possible.” Dart said clearly none too happy with her and not only will she be cleaning the bathrooms the old fashion way she will also be docked 10% pay.

He watched as the fire spread quickly and black smoke started to fill the air, however it did force the enemy forces hiding in the forest to come up.

“Well looks like the hornet’s nest busted wide open.” Kimberly said as she adjusted her Locust as she fired her medium Laser at the Panther that got closer to them to try and get into the minim range of the LRMs.

The Panther then fired its Large Laser and cutting a swath of destruction across Kimberly’s
Locust and soon followed with its SRM 4 pack sending a small swarm of SRMs at her but thankfully they missed but just barely.

Firing his PPC Dart sent a hellish whip of manmade lighting crackling in the air as it snaked quickly towards its target and a moment later connecting with its target which send the Panther backwards and to the left as he knocked it off balance as just over a ton of armor was suddenly turned to steam.

The left arm of the Panther had been ruined by Dart’s follow up attack from his Medium Lasers and SRMs.

While He, Kimberly, & Tina dealt with the Panther Judy Simmons and her “Swayback’ fired the twin Large Lasers mounted in the left and right torso at an enemy Jenner stripping it’s armor from the left torso and then followed up with her Medium Lasers but failed to score any more damage against the left torso and instead hitting fresh armor over the right torso and leg.

Dart heard James, a new member of the team and a novice at these types of mission yell “Oh GOD…!” and cut out as his Stinger had miss fired its Jump Jets and went sideways slamming into the ground hard crushing the head and killing James.

Reggie’s Marauder had been slammed hard from behind sending warning lights flashing all over like a Christmas tree as his left arm now lay on the ground and smoke coming from his left torso.

Torso twisting and moving to get a better look at his attacker and his eyes widen as he came face to face with an Atlas and quickly back peddled and kept backing up as fast as he could.

Just then two SRMs exploded and sending the flammable gel across the face of the enemy assault mech not once but four times sending more gel across the battlefield and the mech now seemed to shimmer with a sinister glow as the Atlas pilot tried to wipe the gel from his head only to smear it further across his head and hands.

“Leave it to Kendra to make a sinister machine even more sinister.” Reggie said.
“Well I am to please.” Kendra said a little too pleased with herself.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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After years of refitting and repairs of the CMO-MW the FOIS had enough of having to fabricate the old parts long out of production due to them being phased out for the Newer Commando X units that uses the Modular System that are now in full production leaving the old warrior in a bind as he is so set in his ways that he refused to stop using his old machine even though it is out of date.

In order to keep his oldest warrior happy but also in the pilot seat Dart had talked the grizzled old warrior ton allowing some parts to be replaced with the Modular System.

The CMO-MW now comes with the left and right arms that had been refitted with modular points and a software patch was created for his mech, however the rest of the machine remained untouched by the system.

Overlooking the his mech the old warrior sighed and shook his head as he didn’t like his old girl with such new parts but in order to keep her active he agreed to the updates.

“Yo old timer why aren’t you with the others who are getting ready for ground deployment?” a tech asked.

The Grizzled old warrior looked at the young tech and in a gravelly voice no louder than a whisper spoke, “I am jumping.” He said with a smile as he walked over to the ladder and climbed into the cockpit and before he closed it the tech yelled back at him “But you got no Jets old man.”

The old warrior said nothing as he activated the bay doors and threw out a couple of items the size of small trucks before walking his machine to the edge and then walked over it and out.

Meanwhile Dart and the others had landed and was in a heavy fire fight with the enemy units when suddenly some large metal crates had come down and smashing some armor from the machines they landed on.

Not long after four large flames could be seen coming from the sky which then cut out and a black heavy mass landed on the ground on bent knees.

The jet pack that was used to allow him to land in such a fashion with little trouble had been jettisoned and now lay on the ground behind the mech and stood up quickly.

Startling the enemy warriors as six SRMs arched out directly behind them followed by a single red beam of light that slashed a nasty scar into the back of the Dragon and moments later the SRMs impacted sending a shower of armor splinters raining to the ground.

Already moving the dark shadow moved to the left and fired its SRMs and Laser again scoring more hits on the enemy.

“What the hell?” Tina muttered.

“I am not picking him up on raider, what gives?” She asked.

“Old trick that only one guy still uses.” Dart said as the black painted mech moved again still hammering the Dragon.

“Let me guess Stealth paint of some kind?” Tina asked.

“Not sure, you can ask him later.” Dart said as his old friend was trading shots with a mech almost double the weight of the Commando.

The Dragon’s warrior had two choices, turn and face the Commando and leave his rear open to Dart’s PPC or leave his mech’s back exposed to the Commando’s pilot who was having no problem moving in tight spots.

The Dragon had been knocked off its feet from a massive loss of armor and landed on its back.

The commando walked over to the Dragon and went to fire it’s SRMs when a warning that all ammunition for the SRMs was depleted.

The old Warrior sighed and walked over to one of the crates and opened it with a press of a button in his cockpit and knelt down and picked up a box and after ejecting the SRM pod he replaced it with another one that automatically clamped down and plugged in to the power supply giving the Lasers power.

“I don’t want to hear it boss.” The old warrior said and Dart chuckled as he knew what he was going to say.

Moving quickly the Commando moved off to fight on his own and even though Dart hated it he knew he couldn’t win an argument against the old warrior who’s skills had even out matched his own.

The black Commando moved off tackling the enemy armored forces dealing with light tanks and ground units ether stepping on the infantry or firing his lasers.

The Commando was now causing trouble for the rear units which made Dart chuckled as he could just imagine the enemy commander’s face when he learns one lone light mech was causing him so much trouble.

‘Old friend you best stay alive because you are going to retire if you like it or not and you will be teaching and training the next generation of warriors.’ Dart thought as he turned his attention back to the fighting at hand.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Good Update there, Dart.
Keep them coming.


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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Note: I am using an old small tablet so there might be spelling errors and not as long as normal.
MWOAC made his way to the city and causeing trouble for the enemy by destroying supply vehicles and setting off picking off enemy ground pounders whenever he could. Once in the city the lone Commando made its way towards the enemy base.

Using the cover of darkness the old mech slowly meached the outskirts and knew he couldn't go any further he parked the old machine in a large lake and angled his mech so that it's cockpit door was out of the water.

"old man you are too old for this.' he muttered as he slipped into the water and swam as quickly as he could to the shore.

Climbing out of the water he checked his gear to ensure none of it was damaged, closing the bag he made his way to edge of a building across from the base and watched as the cameras and guards that patroled the area.

Most of the units had been called away to help fight against the Swords and to find the lone black painted Commando.

Pulling out his old noteputer he called up the map of the base.
It was old but their employer assured them it was still useable and none of the the old areas had been changed, 'Well I'll see how correct the map is' the old warrior muttered as he put the old device awsy.

Moving slowly he made his way to an old car garage and slipped inside, looking for an old service exit that had been connected to the base which could be used for evacuations if the need arise.

Slowly he made his way through the building but stopped for a moment then quickly hid behind a wall.
He slowly withdrew a old laser rifle which he bent at the mid section and used it to see around the corner while watching a fold out display to see where the voices was coming from.

Two figures was leaning against a wall ant to them was the door he needed. Tightening the zoom hewas able to get a better view. A man and a woman in uniforms, he was going to let them live but the woman turned towards his location and her mouth opened to yell but was cut short as an invisible bolt of energy burned a hole through the back of the man's head and was followed quickly by a second which went through her right eye and out the back.

Both falling to the floor dead. The old warrior straighten his rifle and put it back in place before slowly making his way to the door.

He looked over the door and frowned as it needed a card key and a hand print, so rummaging though the man's pockets he found his ID, keys, and card keys. Taking them he then moved the bodies out of sight and then removed the man's hane with a laser pistol after slimming the beam.

Moving back to the door he swiped the card and used the hand to get in and as the door shut behind him he thought to himself ' I might be forced to retire but damn it I'll go out with a bang.'

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Dart gritted his teeth as his mech shuttered and his alarms screeched as the last of his armor over his left torso and the left arm laid on the ground as it was blown off by a large bore auto cannon from a Hunchback which had managed to get close enough to successfully use it's main weapon.

The Hunchback died quickly as Kim's Battle Master opened fire with her Assault Cannon and PPC followed up by the medium lasers which tore up the upper torso and head which sent the mech backwards and unmoving.

Moving her mech in front of his followed by the other three quarter knights, one on ether side and behind him.

"What the hell Kim, you are in my line of sight!" Dart yelled as he was angry more at himself as he should have seen the Hunchback.

"With all due respect sir but if you die not only will destroy moral, damage stocks, and worse of all your wife will skin me alive, and to be all honest your wife scares me a lot more than you." Kim said and Dart sigh.

"We are going to escort you back now." Kim said and Dart backed up along with the others and turned back and headed for the safety of the Asaguard dropship.

Once back in the dropship and his mech docked he climbed out and down the chain ladder where his elder astech looked over the Thug and whistled at what was left of his mech.

"Ya did a real number on this old girl didn't 'cha?" the old tech said.

"Might wanna think about retiring the girl" the old tech added.

"Yeah, she has seen more than her fair share of fighting" Dart said in agreement.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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A few hours later Dart sat in his office looking over the reports and sighed.

'So many lives lost to retake what is ours.' Dart muttered as he placed his Noteputer down.

"What's the damage" Agaila asked as she walked in and placed a tray of food on his desk.

"We lost a third of our fighters, a Lance of medium Mechs with two dead warriors from that Lance going out in a last stand to make sure the rest could make it out, and a third of our infantry." Dart said rubbing the stubble on his face.

"There is more isn't there?" Agaila asked.

"MWOAC is still MIA and that bothers me." Dart said.

"Last reported he had entered their HQ which twenty minutes later erupted in flames and explosions which was why the enemy pulled back." Dart said and leaned back closing his eyes lost in thought.

"I remember that name, he is a tuff old bastard and one of the oldest living members of the FOIS and Blue Swords." Agaila said to him and bringing him back to here and now.

"There is no way that he will die behind enemy lines." Agaila added and Dart nodded.

"So what's the status on your Thug?" Agaila asked.

"She can be repaired but her ability to use melee attacks are gone, the old girl's "bones can no longer support the Ax and from what the techs have told me, they found micro fractures along the left arm, right leg, left torso, a cracked engine shielding, right left arm PPC was destroyed, one medium laser was heavily damaged, and both hips need repaired." Dart said sounding depressed.

"So what isn't damaged or destroyed?" Agaila asked.

"The computer, the on board toliet, and four heatsinks." Dart said.

"I am at the moment dispossessed..." Dart said and Agaila shuttered as that many warriors felt was a fate worse than death.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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After MWOAC entered the base he pulled out his old data pad and pulled up the floor plans and manually placed where he was.

It turned out to be the old service tunnel and acrossed the walls was wires bundles. He opened a tab and quickly scrolled down the options until he found what he was looking for.

He was close to the secondary security system that was old but still functional and all he had to do is tap into it carefully which would allow him to mask his presence while being able to keep an eye on all personnel that moved about.

The old system did tie into the newer security system but to do more than to check a camera for a few moments would alert the new system of a hacking and quickly trace the source and he really didn't like the thought of that.

He noticed that the light of his data pad could give him away so he set the screen to go dark with a tap of a finger and with three taps the screen would glow back to life in a soft glow.

Activating the pad he checked of guard movement which was limited at the moment as they kept their rounds to their assigned locations.

He had to be careful as he was only invisible to the old system and that would make things slow and difficult.

Checking his watch he had thirty seconds before he could no longer stay put and had to move.

Pulling out an old dart gun that normally had fast acting poison that would paralyze the body without killing the victim.

The rounds in the clip however were deadly. What bothered him was there where only four shots per clip which he was only able to carry three and as they used compressed air the range was rather limited.

Checking his laser pistol and seen it was fully charged and had been slightly modified to house a four dot laser sight built directly into the barrel that looked like a diamond and dead center would be where the beam would hit.

His third weapon was the laser rifle with the bendable barrel.

Followed by a vibrant blade knife though now as good as it's larger kin it served it's purpose against flesh and blood foes.

Moving slowly he made his way through the tunnel until he reached the exit which was brightly lit and that caused a problem.

Using a small thin camera he looked around the corner to find three guards stationed at the end of the hallway.

The old pilot sighed as he checked the map and seen another group heading his way from behind.

Looking for a place to hide he quickly moved to a corner out of sight with his dart gun ready.

The three men walked past him talking about the fighting and how boring it was to be on guard duty instead of being in the fight.

Moving slowly behind the three he used them as a shield which was risky as hell but he had a tight schedule that he needed to keep.

Ducking into the next room he pulled up the screen and seen it was an old office that had one other exit that required a key card to activate.

Using the card from the soldier he killed earlier he manged to open it.

Cracking the door at first to make sure he wasn't going to run into any patrols before slowly opening it further just enough to slip out me moved on.

Checking his watch again he seen he had ten minutes left before he was out of time.

Moving quickly now he headed for the ammo stores, mech bay, and fuel tanks which was underground.

Three minutes left, he was running out of time.

No time to wait and pulled out his laser pistol and took quick aim and pulled the trigger which sent an invisible spear of energy into one guard from the back surprising the other two which he tried to quickly dispatch but one manage to duck behind a corner and alerted the rest of the base.

Moving as quickly as possible he made his way to the guard firing pot shots at him as he went.

Rounding the corner the guard grabbed him causing him to drop his pistol.

Quickly grabbing his knife which he activated and a soft hum came from it and he plunged it into the guard's neck which cut into it like it was butter and sending her to the ground.

Finally he made it to his destination and quickly set up the explosives with the timers preset and then with a press of a button they where armed and nothing would be able to disarm them.

Two minutes delay and that was it. Making his way to an elevator he pressed it for the second floor.

There was a ding a few moments later but no one came out.

A minute left on the clock and the old warrior was climbing as fast as he could up the old elevator shaft.

Twenty seconds left and one floor to go.

Ten seconds, "come on you damned doors open up!" The old warrior muttered as he grunted finally managing to get them open only to find a gun pointed at his face.

Zero! "Any last words Merc scum?" The guard asked but before any thing else could be said the base shook from the explosions and plunging them into total darkness until the emergency power kicked in but the old warrior was already on the move.

Using his dart gun he fired off one shot with a quiet cough the need sharp dart pierced the guard's flesh pumping the poison into his system but not before getting a shot off and a moment later he felt a sharp pain in is leg nearly toppling him over but with adrenaline rush through him he manged to barely make it out of the base.

Moving to the lake he dove into the cool water and swam to where his mech was hidden.

Climbing on board he put on the coolent vest, hooking the Nero helmet into the right ports and slipped it on.

Doing quick system checks the mech came was almost ready to come to life but a voice asked for verbal verification.

"The fangs grip the moon as the claws tear at the sky" the old warrior said, it was from some old poem who name he long forgotten.

The computer gave him full access as the old mech came to life.

Getting up he moved the mech to shore and slowly pushed it to a light jog until a large laser nearly took off his left arm.

Checking his hud as he kicked it into high gear he seen an older chameleon chasing him.

It was clearly a training mech but still deadly and worse of all it not only out gunned him but was as fast as him and had jump jets.

Twisting to the left he fired a snap shot from his laser forcing the enemy to move.

'I just need to get to the tree line and then I will be able to move a lot more safely.' he thought.

The chameleon fired again this time scoring a direct hit on his rear center torso and exposed his engine and gyro housing but failed to do any more damage.

Another laser strike this time taking off the left arm causing him to torso twist to compensate for the sudden limb loss.

He turned around and fired his arms as fast as he could send waves of missiles which at first exploded around the enemy or against it's armor raining down shards of armor.

Then flamming gel coated the already hot mech causing the pilot to stop and try to remove the flamming gel that coated the cockpit and upper torso only to smear it more.

Not waiting around he moved into the forest only to be stopped by four powerful looking Mechs with spot lights blinding him but he could still barely make out weapons leveling at him.

'So this is how I am going to die?' the old warrior thought...

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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There was a sudden roar of an Assault Cannon fire and the sound of a mech behind him falling to the ground as a single AC shell tore open the chameleon's head and killing the pilot within.

"Boss has been waiting for you old man." A gruff voice of a female warrior said as the protective doors closed and concealing the cannon mounted in the Battlemaster's Center torso.

The old warrior sighed and walked the mech to the dropships at the LZ acting as mobile bases.

Moving the mech into the bay and parking it in one of the racks as he called it and slowly powered down the mech.

Opening the hatch he let a chain latter fall out and climbed down where he stumbled as the adrenaline wore off and the pain and blood loss caught up to him.

He waved off help and made his way to the med bay and the doctors stitched him up.

Dart with Agaila in toe made their way down to the med bay to over hear the old warrior trying and failing at wooing the young nurses.

"Even injured and old you still trying to hit on the nurses." Dart said with a chuckle.

Agaila however was concerned with his actions, "What in God's name got into your damned head, not only did you jump out of a dropships withOUT jump jets but assaulted an enemy base on your own!" Agaila yelled.

The old warrior was clearly unphased and looked at her then at Dart, "you sure did marry a fire cracker didn't you?" The old warrior said with a laugh and Dart rolled his eyes.

Agaila glared at him for a moment before her gaze softened as she sighed.

"Let's talk later old man, go get some rest." Dart told him and left before the old warrior could protest.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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A few weeks had past since they arrived and mop up missions was under way while the passenger transport Dropships was loading up those who didn't belong here.

"Long range drones have discovered a pocket of enemy forces about 13 miles from here deep in the Forest preserve." Agaila said punching up the holo-map.

Dart was always amazed at the new upgrades their parent company creates and always given to them for field testing.

The holo-map took up a good amount of space but well worth it.

"I take it that the Drone was destroyed?" Dart asked.

Agaila nodded, "Yes" was all she said as she focused the map only on that area.

"We already moved sky eye into position and have better images." Agaila said with a few more adjustments to the map the smaller images became clearer.

"A mixed renforced Lance at best from the looks of it a Grasshopper is the heaviest of the units while what we can see they have at least two lights, a medium, the Grasshopper, and about a dozen infantry if the heat signatures are accurate." Agaila said finishing up her report.

"Do we know the identity of the other Mechs?" Dart asked and agaila shook her head.

"We was lucky to see the hopper because it moved into a clearing just long enough to shoot down the drone." Agaila said.

"That one to the left is a Commando." A gruff voice said from behind them.

"And you would know how old man?" Agaila asked.

"Pilot one for long as I have and you could easily tell her kin from the others." MWOAC said.

Dart knew better than to ask more from the old warrior.

He put his hand in Agaila's shoulder and gave her a wink.

"The old man has never been wrong when it comes to old school commandos and if he says that at least one of them is a Commando then we know half of the enemy forces." Dart said and Agaila sighed.

"Then the wild cards are the two medium Mechs." Agaila said.

"From what we know the base had four training Mechs, a chameleon which has been captured, a Shadow hawk 2H, a Phoenix Hawk, a Warhammer, and a Jenner." Agaila said.

"The Warhammer and Jenner was already destroyed with the base leaving just the Hawks unaccounted for." Dart said and Agaila nodded.

The old warrior shook his head, "No, those are accounted for." He told them and walked over to his desk and slid the old bulky data pad which scratched the would surface which made Dart sigh.

Picking up the data pad he scrolled through the information.

"They gave up?" Dart asked.

"Yeah it surprised me as well as it isn't their style." The old warrior said.

Dart read further and his eyes narrowed in anger but kept it in check.

"They blew up those Mechs? Please tell me no casualties." Dart said as the report ended with no other updates.

"What I like to know is why we didn't hear about it until now." Agaila said folding her arms.

"Didn't want to interrupt your 'destressing massage treatment' you was giving him" the old warrior said just out of arms reach of her.

"W-what are you saying everyone knows?" Agaila asked red faced from embarrassment while Dart said nothing.

"Casualties is all I care about at the moment." Dart said.

The old warrior looked at his old friend, 'how much like his father when it came to the well being of his people' he thought.

"The drivers of recovery teams one and two killed when the Mechs went up from explosives planted in the engine." The old warrior said as he shifted through the holo cards that held the personal information of the drivers.

"The explosions would have been worse had we not forced an ammo dump as protocol dictated." He Continued.

"Four more were injured and one will be sent back home due to extensive injuries and will require limb replacement." MWOAC said and handed Dart the smaller data pad.

"Old man that brick is getting replaced sooner or later" Dart said.

"Ha, you can try and take it if you want your ass kicked from here back to FOIS Hq." The old warrior said as he took the old computer pad with him and left.

Dart sighed as he looked at the holo cards that held data of someone's entire life for the last ten years in his unit.

He sat them down on the desk and slowly traced the long scratches left in the fine polished wood.

"What's the deal with that brick of hid anyways?" Agaila asked.

"It's a Ronin S. Mk II and can be traced all the way back to terra around 2475." Dart said still looking at the desk newest scar.

"You got to be kidding, that old?" Agaila asked.

He looked up, "Well the old tech firm that predates the FOIS built things to last, infact the slogan was "built to out last even your family".

"As tech got smaller and more refined so did the computers and communication devices." Dart said.

"The RS Mk IIIs and mk IVs would be built almost identical to the mk iis but lighter and more computing power." Dart added.

"But the mk II I know you said it was built to last but come on it's the 3000's." Agaila said.

"Truth be told the Ronin S. Mk II was very popular among the military due to its ability to take abuse and still be reliable but was phased out due to cost." Dart said.

"The FOIS has been thinking about making them again but the data for them has been lost to time and mist of the units were lost, scrapped, or destroyed." Dart said.

"Save for the one the old man has." Agaila said.

"Correct and he will never give it up, in fact odds are he will die with it." Dart said.

Dart sighed As he took the cards and fed them into the machine.

"Well I am grateful for the distraction these must be done." Dart said and went to work on the reports and personal letters to the loved ones and once the mobile HPGs had set up he would send everything to the FOIS and the letters after screening would be sent to their final destination.

"So what about that reinforced Lance?" Agaila asked.

"I'll send assault Lance beta and infantry unit Alpha seeing as they want revenge and I think they deserve it." Dart said.

"I thought alpha was all but wiped out." Agaila said.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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"Alpha and Bets assorbed what was left of Charlie, Delta and zeta." Dart said and slid the noteputer over to her.

She read over the report and sighed. She knew retaking the lost worlds would be costly and so far they manged to assorbed most of the losses but being down three Lance's and the command Lance missing Dart was a little disheartening and the moral was already starting to fall with each loss.

"As to the other two Mechs, I have a theory as to what they are." The old warrior said bring them back to the more important topic.

"That is?" Agaila asked.

"My theory is that they are Mechs from an off site repair facility and from the I formation we got from the information broker I wager that they are a Hunchback and Dervish." The old warrior said as he turned around to leave.

"You are out of the fight old man, the techs are trying to jury rig a replacement for the Mercury system in the arm you lost and the Quarter Master isn't in a hurry to allocate parts since you took things with out the proper paperwork." Dart said.

The old warrior grumbled something as he left.

"Ya know she had a thing for her so maybe sweet talking her might work." Agaila called back to him and he did something no other would dare, he flipped her off as he walked out the door.

Dart quickly pulled up the current status reports on Mechs, fighters, combat vehicles, infantry, and what the QM had in stock.

Though he could feel her buring gaze through the thin back of the desk mounted computer...

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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The rain was pounding the area hard and as Jericho turned the Hopper hard right the large feet of her mech churned the wet ground to mud and sliding as her left foot hit the hard ground of the space port and wondered how the hell everything went bad...

She thought back to the night before everything went to hell, Her ragtag team of gorilla fighters was all that was left of the defense force.

They had been doing well with fast strikes and then fading fast back into the forest.

When they did strike lightly guarded supply depos they worked fast and took what they could carry then set up thermite bomb and then fled setting it off once they was away.

They had increased security of their depos after the third strike but it was lightly reinforced with a a single mech and three vehicles.

She was warned by her scouts that they should be careful as something felt off.

The strike went as planned drawing away the Warhammer to investigate the sudden explosion at the far edge of the compound.

There it would play cat and mouse with the much faster and nimble Commando keeping busy.

The raid went off without a hitch and made off with everything from ammunition to food and medical supplies.

As before they destroyed the depo and fled. What she hadn't realized was every create had a tracking unit in it.

This wasn't known until they started to unpack their stolen goods.

It was too late to disable them as missile fire rained down on them from far off. Just then sounds of thunder and crackling of air followed with the smell of ozone filled the air as whips of man-made lighting scorched the ground close by.

Jericho was still in her mech as she was helping with the unloading.

The Dervish stood watch as it had no hands and the Hunchback was missing it's left arm leaving it to also keep watch.

The Commando had been lost as the Warhammer blew off the head intentionally.

The handful of infantry she had left grabbed machine guns and Laser rifles which wasn't much good against enemy Mechs.

They was the first to die as the area they was at was now covered in flaming gel.

She refused to surrender and opted to flee and if need be fight.

In her secondary screen she seen the Hunchback fall first followed by the Dervish under heavy fire.

She had manged to give them the slip and later that night hiding in a deep lake that allowed her to lay her mech on its back and put everything on standby mode save for her life support systems and in the darkness slept in her command couch.

Early the next day she righted her mech and moved on under the cover of darkness and made her way to the star port only for her to be spotted by a lone officer taking a smoke break and sounded the alarms.

That was the last thing he ever did as she fired her medium Laser and turned him to a cloud of pink mist as the laser super heated the water in his body upon contact.

On top of all that it started to rain.

Missiles fired from the cargo dropship forcing her back to the present and moved away from the dropship.

The hail of missiles stopped as a lance of Mechs immerged from the mechbay.

The heavy and assault Mechs remained on the star port and if she tried to go around or in the air she was shot at by the Dropship.

The Commando that now moved towards her was missing an arm and that sent off alarms in her head.

He was a bigger threat than the others standing still.

She fired her large laser at the faster mech which easily dodged her fire and with no issues on wet pavement he connected every shot.

He fired his missiles high which exploded in the air and rained down flaming gel. Infernos was a threat to every mech but in the rain?

Her vision suddenly was hampered by fire as the gel covered her ferroglass cockpit window and setting her vision on fire and rasing the heat level a bit.

'That cheating bastard!' she thought as she lost track of him.

He circled behind her and fired at her rear torso.

The four missiles raced towards her mech and soon impacted sending shards of armor to the ground followed by a medium laser hit that cut a scar across her back and molten armor splashed down on the ground like drops of blood.

Torso twisting she managed to bring one laser to bear only to find him already moving around.

What she suddenly realized was the others wasn't engaging with her ether...

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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The fight was over soon as the Commando struck the stripped rear torso and destroying the gyro housing and crippling the reactor.

The grasshopper toppled over as if it was a puppet who's strings had been cut.

Smoke was rising in the rain soaked air as the Commando turned and reentered the Dropship.

Within the cockpit Jericho screamed in anger and punched a display screen shattering it and even though she had shards of Ferro glass in her hand her rage prevented her from feeling it.

Pulling out a laser pistol she pointed it at the cockpit hatch and fired it at the first person to open it.

An unlucky infantry man was the first shot as a bolt of energy struck him in the forehead, he slumped over dead.

Taking no other chances they threw in a smoke bomb allowing them to get inside and stunning her with a laser rifle set on the lowest setting possible.

She was the only member of her people to survive.

In the brig Jericho looked at an elderly man who wore the hair style of a MechWarrior but no rank on his uniform.

When he had entered the MP looked up, "Sir?" The MP asked, but the old man ignored him for a moment then asked "She in here?"

"Yes sir." The MP said and the old Man looked at the MP, "Yer dismissed." He said and the MP protested but knew it was no good and left.

"Your piloting sucks and you can't even hit the broadside of a Dropship." The old man said.

"The hell do you know old man!" She hissed.

"I danced rings around you in a damaged mech that was woefully outgunned by your grasshopper." The old warrior said to her.

"You trying to make a fool of me or make me angry enough to give you information, well you can forget it." Jericho said and each word dripped with venom.

"You have nothing we need, no information that you could provide for us that we don't already know." The old warrior said.

"So I am a prisoner of war then?" She asked.

"No, you will be shipped back to a planet your house owns without your mech of course, you will be escorted to a civilian Dropship where you will meet up with a jump ship that will take you back." The old warrior said.

"Just like that, no strings attached?" Jericho asked suspicious of their true intentions.

"sides you losing your mech no." The old warrior said.

With that he turned around and left.

A few days later Jericho was on board an old merchantman dropship, she wondered who the old man was and if he was even human with such skills for a warrior who should long since be past his prime.

As they burned hard for the jumpship she seen a large ship though she could barely make it out as it was painted black and had it not pass by the planet she wouldn't have noticed it.

Just as the old ship docked with the jumpship she wanted to know what it was but moments later they jumped leaving her questions unanswered.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Hello DART.

great to have your fiction back on these pages.

it has been missed.


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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Better late then never, lol.

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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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three years of fighting, jumping from one planet to the next capturing and recapturing took it's toll on his forces, morale, equipment and people.

Losing two lances of Mechs, 26 combat vehicles, 31 fighers, and 3 platoons of infantry over all.

Any other Merc unit would be destroyed by now with losses like that, however the Blue Swords and the blue shields was not your normal unit.

No, they was put together and well funded by the FOIS thus replacing lost equipment and people was quickly done.

The Factory of the Innersphere once located on Tera and had several factors on worlds all in close jumping distance. They left Tera and pulled their people, resources, and equipment from these words.

They had moved to a system with four inhabitable planets close to an asteroid field and strange space anomalies that if you didn't know what you was doing would destroy ships and prevents jumping if you don't know where the anomalies are.

These prevented people from being followed let alone being attacked.

Pirates was a small issue for a while, but part of the Swords job was to remove the pests. His grandfather in his prime took a small force and wiped most of the pirates out.

When his grandfather retired his father took command but only after he earned it from years of command of his own smaller unit.

Dart however was forced to take over when ComStar tried to kill several key scientists and sabotage the FOIS HPG on a planetoid just outside of the home system.

The explosion crippled his father but was saved by the old man whose name was long forgotten and was given the mantle of Mech Warrior of a Commando or MWOAC, however many just called him old man or gramps.

He always piloted a commando that many say is as old as he is while rumors had it where he was older than the aging COM-2D.

The commando under went many refits and overhauls. His was one of two aging Mechs that received the advanced modular system refit that allowed him to replace weapons, ammo, and equipment quickly.

Weapons was mounted in pods and if ammo based weapons was in the arm the warrior could jettison the damaged weapon pod and pick up a new one and attach it themselves.

All ammo came in drum like magazines that the warrior could install themselves by jettisoning the empty drum and replacing it.

MWOAC was good at replacing damaged pods or ammunition drums while on the move.

Dart was young, newly married, and didn't feel like he was ready.

However he like his father served in the unit just not as the commanding officer.

That job belonged to his wife's father who also didn't feel he was ready and voiced his disagreement of him being in command of the entire unit.

That was many years ago now and earned the respect of his people.

He sighed as he read over the information the quartermaster sent him.

Always extremely detailed right down to the last bolt.

He was also reading the report from his tech, his Warhammer X-1A was totaled and needed another replacement.

That Warhammer was no different from normal ones save for the modular system for the torso equipment as the PPCs was hard wired and couldn't be replaced with different equipment.

It was the armored version which had more armor coverage but at the cost of the machine guns and ammunition.

He was the focus of the enemy attack trying to kill him. The plain failed and his troops tired and now angry took it out in the Enemy.

"C-bill for your thoughts?"

The voice of his wife cut through the memories of the past and he finally looked up and met her gaze and handed him a cup of coffee.

He closed the computer and sipped his coffee.

He looked out of window and seen the small dot of a beautiful Ice covered world they was heading for in what was now the federated Sun's space.

"The FOIS tried to buy the world from the feds but they refused, so now we have to reclaim it by force." Dart said.

"Well at least we tried a diplomatic path first" Agaila said as her reflection could be seen behind him.

Before Dart could respond their dropships was attacked.

However the enemy fighters soon broke off when their heavily armed and armored Space carrier scrambled three wings of fighters.

"First blood goes to the Fed Suns, the fighting will be bloody" Dart muttered.

"And so it begins, the last world to retake." Agaila said.

Dart nodded before heading for the door as it was almost time to deploy.

"One last mission and then we get to have some R&R." Dart said just before the door closed behind him.