Gigantor II (200 ton BattleMech)

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Gigantor II (200 ton BattleMech)

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Gigantor II (Dreadnought)


The origin of the Super Heavy BattleMech dates back to the final years of the original Star League with Stefan Amaris and the original Matar or Behemoth design. Although the Behemoth design failed, the Word of Blake successfully deployed the Super Heavy Omega design to defend Terra in 3078. In 3090, the Lyran Commonwealth, under the direction of Archon Adam Steiner, started the design of Super Heavy ‘Mechs with the first one being manufactured in 3097 called the Gigantor. The second one, called the Gigantor II, was manufactured in 3099 and uses the same basic chassis of the original design. Some have speculated that these designs were a perfect fit for his defensive strategies against Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf.

The Gigantor II is a 200 ton Battlemech that has a Dreadnought classification for being over 100 tons. Most assume since the ‘Mech is so gigantic or enormous that it was named Gigantor although some farfetched rumors say it was named after an ancient Terran cartoon involving a flying robot. The Gigantor II sacrifices some defense of the original Gigantor for more offense. The design is equipped with 9 Large Pulse Lasers, 1 Medium Pulse Laser and 1 Small Pulse Laser. The withering accuracy of the Pulse Lasers is further enhanced with a sophisticated Targeting Computer. Although its defenses have been reduced, the ‘Mech still carries a staggering 42.5 tons of Ferro-Lamellor Armor. Like other slow units, the Gigantor II is meant primarily for defensive roles and needs supporting units to maximize its effectiveness.

Game Notes:

Constructed using the Superheavy ‘Mech construction rules on pages 248-263 from the Battletech Field Manual 3145.

Model: Gigantor II
Configuration: Biped Battlemech
Mass: 200 tons
Technology Base: Mixed (Base- Inner Sphere, Clan where noted)
Engine: 400 XL Engine, 26.5 tons (Clan)(1 critical in LT, RT)
Walking MP: 2
Running MP: 3
Jumping MP: 0
Cockpit: 4 tons
Gyro: 8 tons
Internal Structure: Endo Steel, 20 tons (3 critical LA, 3 RA, 1 CT)
Heat Sinks: 40(80) (Clan)(4 Double Heat Sinks in LA, RA, CT, 2 in LL,RL, 1 in LT, 7 in RT)
Armor: 42.5 tons of Ferro-Lamellor Armor (595) (Clan)(3 Critical in LT, RT)

Internal Structure Armor
H: 4 12
CT: 60 79 Front/ 40 Rear
LT/RT: 42 64 Front/ 20 Rear
LA/RA: 33 64
LL/RL: 42 84

Weapons and Equipment:
9 Large Pulse Lasers (Clan) (3 in LA, RA, 1 in LT, CT, RT)
1 Medium Pulse Laser (Clan)(CT)
1 Small Pulse Laser (Clan)(H)
Targeting Computer (Clan)(LT)

Design has Shoulder and Upper Arm Actuators. Lower Arm and Hand Actuators have been removed.

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Re: Gigantor II (200 ton BattleMech)

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