Demo Team question...

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Demo Team question...

Post by Dread »

I was talking with Captain_of_the_Watch the other day, and during our conversation, he asked me if I was part of the Demo Team. He asked if I was a Commando, too, and I had to answer "no" to both questions. I have zero idea what either are really about, what all is involved, and what benefit it would be to me to take on another load, however much enjoyment I'd get out of it.

I have no idea just how much of an Army I have. I do know that it is over three regiments of mechs, at least two battalions of tanks, at least a full battery of Long-Toms, and a wing or two of aerospace fighters.

I've also just started exploring the Aerospace line of minis with a half dozen or so warships, and a couple of jumpships.

Any opinions on this matter, and helpful pointers in how to get information would be appreciated.

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shalom itay
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Post by shalom itay »

Well, there are members here on the site that are part of the demo teams (agents),
They might be able to help more then I can.
However, I did found this:

1. CGL demo team home page:
2. Demo team forum: ... ?board=8.0

You can try and post there and they will explain how you can, also, become an agent.

From what I can recall, agents are BT fans who want to help and promote the game,
out of "good will" so to speak (I know that we badly need one in Israel),
and they got the option to buy products at discount.