Old school Dougram kits soon to be rereleased

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Old school Dougram kits soon to be rereleased

Post by maxoconnor »

As many of you who remember the original CBT way back in the day, you will remember the model kits that were put out in N-Scale.
Looks like for the 30th anniversary of Dougram, they will be reissuing the 1/144 scale kits soon.
This will be in perfect scale for the MechWarrior Dark Age clicky figures.

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Post by Paint it Pink »

Ah ooh oh wow etc...

Thanks for the heads up.
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Post by shalom itay »

In the picture I see 2 Blockheads, 2 Soltics and 2 Dougram, so all in all
there were only 7 Robots in 10 boxes?