Mechines: The Art of War Battletech Game

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Mechines: The Art of War Battletech Game

Post by Odysseus » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:06 pm

<img src="../media/mechines/logo.jpg" align="left" alt="" hspace="4"><img src="../media/mechines/screen1.jpg" align="right" alt="">A new game is out that tries to carry on the classic Battletech PC gaming era. <a href="" target="new">Mechines: The Art of War</a> is set in a fictional universe similar to Battletech. New clans face off against each other in the fight for honor.<br><br><li>Choose from Fomalhaut and Alnair clans<br><li>8 unique mechs to choose from<br><li>32 different weapons<br><br><a href=" ... id=D001326" target="new">Gamestop</a> has free trial and full download links.<br>
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