Mechnexus: Projection of Force MOD Underway

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Mechnexus: Projection of Force MOD Underway

Post by Odysseus » Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:23 pm

<img src=" ... hnexus.jpg" vspace="4" alt=""><br>The team, headed up by <a href="" target="new">Clan Core Games, LLC</a> has already begun on a new conversion MOD, and is currently looking for talented programmers and graphic designers/modelers to fill out their team. From the <a href=" ... hp?t=14853" target="new">press release</a>: <br><br><i>Mechnexus: Projection of Force is a conversion MOD for Unreal Tournament 3 that is set in the fictitious Mechnexus Universe being developed by Clancore Games LLC. This MOD will attempt the marriage of the sim-like qualities found in vehicle oriented Mecha style games with the fast paced strategic action of Sci-fi oriented FPS games.</i><br><br>Battletech and Mecha fans alike will be sure to enjoy the eye candy that will come from this project. Battletech Universe will keep an eye on it and report any future updates.<br>
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