Free online game that's similar to Battletech.

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Free online game that's similar to Battletech.

Post by Cruxader » Wed May 23, 2012 11:28 pm

The game is called Drop-Shock. It's a free browser based turn-based strategy game that is similar to battletech. Pretty fun ... 21a465b82b

Or you can just go to:

From the main page:
Nearly Limitless Customization

Rally your forces with more than 100 Vehicles and 150 Modifications
Create your own armies with over 10 million Vehicle / Modification combinations
Design your base with 50 different Buildings
Choose your playstyle - customize your Commander with 50 different Skills and Abilities

Meaningful Combat

Fight in a persistent world with vehicles you've built and crews you've trained
Win engagements, take your opponent's losses
Build and expand your army with every battle

Meaningful Conflict

Compete against real people in open, meaningful PvP combat
Fight planet-wide battles with hundreds of vehicles, buildings, even aliens
Find common allies and fight known foes with player-run factions and in-game alliances
Fight simple skirmishes that touch-off multi-faction wars

Deep Strategy & Tactics

Modify your army to fit your strategy
Gain new tactics with hired crews and your Commander's abilities
Change tactics mid-fight with special abilities and super weapons

Robust Player-run Economy

Builders rejoice! All in-game items are player-built and player-sold
Create wealth through in-game markets and trading

Multiple Social Aspects

Make friends and enemies through in-game chat & messaging
Leave comments and taunt your foes through profiles with player-feedback
Learn and share on the Wiki and Forums

Multiple Ways to Play

Fight with faction-mates on a variety of different planets, each with differing objectives
Go mercenary and work for the highest bidder
Be a lone-wolf and play by your own rules

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Post by Cipher » Sat May 26, 2012 9:30 pm

ohai thar crux

but i can vouch that this is a good game for you guys :P
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