How we made an alliance with the Clans Smoke Jags and Cats.

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How we made an alliance with the Clans Smoke Jags and Cats.

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Our battle tech group wanted to see how the Clan Nova Cats took control over the Smoke Jaguars because of the prophetic visions of the Smoke Jaguars loosing to the Draconise Combine on the planet of Wolcott. The invasion of Luthien never happens and the very first attack on the jungle planet Wolcott never happens.Instead my character Anavel Gato makes diplomatic friendly relations towards the Clan Nova Cats and decides to take the battle to the House of Davion's home worlds.Dorian Wirth and Lucien Cranes are now in second in command of the invasion of the Federated Sun's home world's. Yes I like the Draconise Combine and I would support the Clans more than the Inner Sphere.I would hire Clan battle mech engineers make the Draconise Combine's battle Mechs more advanced .!
Greetings to those that favor the Draonise Combine House.
In do time I will be putting pictures of my Battle tech unit
and my miniature styro foam hexagonal Battle tech dioramas
on to this website soon. Later !