Con-Version 25 BT Event: Celestial Chaos

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Con-Version 25 BT Event: Celestial Chaos

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"A Brawl to settle it all in the back streets of the Mercenary's Star."

"When the Word of Blake hit Galatea, many of the mercenaries there decided to settle old scores. In the back alleys, several mercenaries squared off to do so regardless that their planet was being invaded. Will you be the last merc standing settling all scores or will you fall and become one of the dead among the streets?"

All materials will be provided for play and the rules of the game will be taught before and during play for any that would like to come out and learn how to play Battletech. However, if you own Total Warfare and/or have some favorite dice or lucky pencil, I encourage you to bring them.

The scenario will be challenging and fun for all levels of experience so I would encourage everyone to come out and enjoy a fun game.

A Day Pass for Con-Version is $25 or half that if you are a full member of the Calgary Battletech League.

Metropolitan Centre
333 - 4 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0H9

When: 10:00am Saturday August 22, 2009