Alternate Timeline for Clan Wolverine

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Alternate Timeline for Clan Wolverine

Post by wolfcannon » Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:13 pm

After losing the Trial of Refusual against the Grand Council, Khan Sarah McEvedy and SaKhan Franklin Hallis began reconsider staying in the Kerensky Cluster and apart of the Clans.

SaKhan Hallis went to Circe and began to prepare the Touman for war. Khan McEvedy went to Strana Metchy to convince other Khans to follow her. While on Circe SaKhan Hallis revealed the Exodus plan to his assembled Galaxy Commanders, two James Cameron and Micheal DeChavillier, began to question the actions of their Khans and the planned rebellion and exodus. Galaxy Commanders Cameron and DeChavillier both challenged SaKhan Hallis to Trials of Refusual. SaKhan Hallis laughed and accepeted the challanges. Galaxy Commander Cameron was the first to fight SaKhan Hallis (Highlander vs Highlander) the fight lasted two hours with it being declared a draw. (both 'Mechs suffered destroyed gyros). SaKhan Hallis immediatly challenged Galaxy Commander DeChavillier to a boxing match instead of a Mech duel, DeChavillier won the Match in the third round TKO. With the Trials completed the Galaxy commander thought that Hallis would not continue on the insane course of rebelling against the Clans, their were wrong. Hallis with the support of another Galaxy Commander and two Cluster Colonels began to assemble for war.

Galaxy Commander Cameron and DeChavillier attacked without warning, Gamma Galaxy with Alpha attacked Beta Galaxy, Epsilon Cluster and Chi Cluster. SaKhan Hallis died in his 'Mech fighting a star of Alpha Command 'Mechs, while Gamma attacking Epsilon and Chi Clusters, hoping to take out the command stars of each cluster. Galaxy DeChavilliers Gamma Galaxy three clusters proved very adept at crushing the command elements of the two oppossing clusters. Quickly consolidating their positions the two commanders decided that one of them needed to goto Strana Metchy and stop Khan McEvedy. Galaxy Commander Cameron loaded his command star on their dropship and lifted off, while on route to the waiting Jumpship Cameron had a message sent to Strana Metchy that the SaKhan was coming to aid in the voting to take place in the Grand Council that was to take place the next day. When Galaxy Commander Cameron's dropship landed he and his star went straight to the Clan Wolverine repository and in a brief scuffle defeated the defending infantry star. Then he went to the Grand Council chambers and entered just as Khan McEvedy was confronting IlKhan Kerensky, as he entered Khan McEvedy turned to the door expecting armed infantry but was shocked to see Galaxy Commander Cameron, Facing her he said "Due to the reckless and treasoness statements here, i declare you unfit to be Khan of the Wolverines how will you defend yourself."

Khan McEvedy stunned at the turn of events stormed past Cameron and into his guards, "Guards are not allowed weapons in the Grand Council Chambers Galaxy Commander, what is the meaning of this? Explain NOW!" roared IlKhan Kerensky. "IlKhan, as you just have witnessed the former Khan of Clan Wolverine has gone quite literally insane and is no longer in control of her facilties. I came here to stop her and the mad road she intended to take all of us down. Pursuant to that i have challenged her for the position of Khan as a SaKhan has already been filled. SaKhan Hallis was killed in a training accident and Galaxy Commander DeChavillier is now SaKhan of Clan Wolverine." replied Galaxy Commander Cameron "Then Khan McEvedy does not speak for all of Clan Wolverine?" asked Kerensky, "Negative IlKhan she does not, as i speak Clan Wolverine forces have returned to their post and barracks, there will be no rebellion not now not ever." replied Cameron. "Then my Khans we have a Trial of Position to watch over, lead the way Galaxy Commander." said Kerensky

Strana Metchy
Fields of Honor
"Khan McEvedy by the laws of the Clans you are no longer fit to lead, i challenge you to single combat for the rank of Khan, how do you defend yourself." asked Cameron. "Right here Right now you son of coward, turning your back on the Star League and all it stood for i will wipe the ground with you face!!!" screamed McEvedy "Bargained and done, may you die well for the glory of Clan Wolverine." Sarah McEvedy fought well using her martial arts skills to take down James Cameron early in the fight but to no avail using his own martial art skill combined with boxing Sarah McEvedy died three minutes into the fight with a blow to the face driving her nasal bone into her brain.
Khan James Cameron listened as Khan Jerome Winson called for the absorbtion of Clan Wolverine and the seconding of the motion by Clan Snow Raven. "IlKhan it seems my Clan has offended Clan Wolf and Snow Raven, very well i challenge both Clans to a Trial of Refusal over this matter, whatever it may be." Khan Jerome Winson replied "The matter is that Clan Wolverine has forfitied it's right to exist due to the actions of the previous Khan and SaKhan, and an unsettled matter of possible treason by Clan Wolverine during Operation Klondike against Clan Snow Raven. these two events leads me to act in the interest of the Clans." "Very well Khan Winson you have stated your case before this conclave and i will now rule, the actions taken by Khan Cameron and SaKhan DeChavilier has removed the taint of the former leaders of Clan Wolverine, as for the actions of the Wolverine soldiers during Operation Klondike there has been no evidence presented to prove these allegations therefore no Trial of Absorbtion will be held, however since doubt has been raised a Trial of Refusal to refute these claims can be called and has been." announced IlKhan Kerensky "The Trial will be held as soon as all participants report which units will fight."

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Aerospace Pilots

Winthrop Faulkner Pike
Palmer Roman Fleming
Thompson Taylor Price
Decatur Rondema Clinton
Allen Cora Jacoby
Gunnarson Marlowe Brandon
McKinnon Sutherland Figaro
Woods Robinette

Vordermark* Jorgensson*
*Clan Widowmaker

Hark, children of the Clans,
to the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears.
Know what has come before;
remember it and you strive toward the future.
- Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4

Where nature's laws threatened the weary;
when food, water, even air itself ran low,
it took just a command, a word, a smile,
from the General to light the way.
He was comfort, stern courage, compassion
to our sires as he led them from the fires
that grew and fed on those they left behind.
- Passage 2, Verse 14, Lines 18-24

The just deaths of the traitors frightened some
there among the darkness and alien stars.
A few lost heart and began with quavering resolve
to question the Great Father's plan.
With stern compassion he spoke and all was revealed;
how their destiny was the Hidden Hope
of all mankind and how their son's sons
would one day return to the Inner Sphere
bringing back the enlightenment of the Star League
to those unfortunates they had left behind.
Such was their right, such is our legacy of blood.
- Passage 3, Verse 22, Lines 1-11

The rebels, heeding neither strength nor sense
cowardly ambushed noble DeChevilier.
Although he fought like a lion, he died
and with his death came the clouds, and reason fled
like a winter sun's feeble evening light
above hopeless Eden and wicked Babylon.
- Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 51-56

And Nicholas stood with the first gathering of Khans
to draw up the tenets of what made a warrior.
Wars have often killed the innocent,
ruined entire societies.
Not within the Clans.
Wars were for warriors to wage
and that innocents not suffer at the hands of trueborns.
- Passage 10, Verse 5, Lines 1-6

"The Wolverine.
A servant to none,
this lonley predator.
Its mere presence,
would cow lesser creatures.
Piercing gaze,
deadly claws,
sharp fangs,
death to the weak."
--The Remembrance (Clan Wolverine), Passage 23, Verse 6, Lines 12-19

Five, Nicholas proclaimed, was the foundation
upon which our true society was to be built.
Laborers to till the land, to do the tasks:
They shall have our undying gratitude,
for they are the muscle behind us all.
Merchants to buy and sell with fairness:
They shall have our commerce and respect,
for they are the bones upon which we are built.
Technicians to build and fix the machines:
They shall have our admiration:
for they are the fingers with which we grasp life.
Scientists to create and discover:
They shall have our awe and our attention,
for they are the mind of our society.
And above all the Warriors who protect:
They shall have our cooperation and our worship,
for they are the blood and soul of us all.
- Passage 67, Verse 26, Lines 21-37

For the day will come and our kin will stand
on Terra's firm soil, ready to rebuild
the Star League with their hearts and hands.
But who shall lead? Upon whose shoulders
will the burden lie? The answer is the test;
the test is the journey. Whichever Clan
carves its way through the barbarians
to reach that fabled cradle of us all
shall be the vehicle of the League's rebirth. Upon
the Star League throne shall sit that Clan's
wisest Khan. So should it be - So shall it be.
- Passage 72, Verse 22, Lines 14-24

From Kerensky's Stars came the Eight Hundred
beneath a banner of Truth and Righteous Light
to lift up those who had suffered and to smite down
with fearful vengence those who had ruled
in the name of Vanity or Greed.
The thunder of their Battlemech's feet, the lightning
from their weapons, and the blood spilled in their name
created the Clan Spirit, the forge upon which
we have fashioned ourselves to be the weapon
of the resurrected Star League,
honed to a razor's edge by the Trials,
by the Rememberance, and by the Words
of the Great Kerenskys, our sires, our saviors.
- Passage 98, Verse 24, Lines 8-20

All praise the art of Batchall and Bidding
for it proves our love of peace and tradition.
- Passage 118, Verse 3, Lines 11-12

Like a poisonous weed, the Not-Named Khans fostered
thoughts and actions against the Clans, calling them
"Independance" and "Freedom", not realizing
their every act chained them to the corruptions
that brought down the noble Star League
and set the Inner Sphere aflame.
But the Wolverines survived by condemning
them to a bitter annihilation.
Led by James Cameron and Micheal DeChavilier,
the Grand Council wiped clean the records,
obliterating with the warm blood
of the tragically doomed warriors
every mention of the Not-Named Khans.
---The Remembrance (Clan Wolverine), Passage 149, Verse 55, Lines 21-33

About the fallen hero they gathered,
none able to give voice to his shock.
Khan Jerome Winson knelt, tears streaming,
to cradle Nicholas Kerensky's head.
To wipe the blood from the cold brow,
to close the lightless eyes. Peace, great hero.
Choked with sadness and anger
Khan Jerome Winson spoke. "Khan Cal Jorgensson,
I cry, not for myself, nor for others.
I weep for your Clan Widowmaker.
There is a price for such a crime
as you have committed. A price you
and your Clan will pay."
- Passage 154, Verse 34, Lines 16-28

Therefore the youngest of them all stood up,
And with a voice like amber wine she spoke:
"Great sir, now all is clear and seeming well,
Yet still there is but one remaining problem;
My children, sir, they as of yet unborn,
Shall never hear your words so pure an grand."
"You see", the great one spoke aloud, "It is
your humble kin for whom I write this book.
It is the Law, our honor bound in hide."
- Passage 156, Verse 4, Lines 24-32

And Minaka Widowmaker spoke,
"I claim the Bloodname Vordermark;
it was my mother's and my mother's father's.
it is mine by association and blood pride."
The council was stunned and outraged
by her lack of respect for the Clan ways.
Then the ilKhan rose and spoke wise words.
"Such a claim is not freely granted, Minaka.
Although your blood may cry out Vordermark,
it is your muscle and mind that will make it so.
Remember the Rede of our past, Widowmaker,
and do not ask words to win what the Trial decides.
If strong, you will win the Right.
But do justice to our future
by remembering our past, young one.
Those are my words, that is my judgement."
- Passage 167, Verse 34, Lines 33-48

And never forget that help may come
from the most unlikely of quarters
and success rest upon the shoulders
of those kept shadowed until the time of need.
- Passage 222, Verse 6, Lines 11-14

Then the order came, "Furl the sails.
ready for jump, mighty warriors.
We journey back, we journey home,
carrying the flame of the Star League
back to the hearth. We face the ignorant
who believe themselves civilized and strong,
but they will soon discover otherwise.
We are the Clans, the Star League incarnate.
None can stand against us and survive."
- Passage 272, Verse 8, Lines 11-19

No natural calamities cost you.
There was no great disease, no famines;
no interstellar catastrophe to blame.
You have no excuse to explain.
How this, our rightful palace, has been fouled
with the dust of countless innocent dead.
The truth is that you are the descendants
of traitors who scurry about like rats
in the dark, fighting over petty kingdoms
at the foot of the empty throne.
Never recognizing that you have given up
the one true prize.
- Passage 285, Verse 15, Lines 21-32

Tyra of the Rasalhague led,
forth her fiery Flying Drakons,
gallant in bronze. A warrior woman whose hands
were unskilled in the ways of hearth and home,
In skills of war she was hard and trained
to leave behind the airy winds and fight
where the void is eternal and life fleeting.
- Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 17-23

Tyra and her warriors fought
like crazed demons above Radstadt.
When her fighter was crippled by ours,
and her life leaked away into the endless night,
she chose to die
and sent her fighter like a spear
through the Dire Wolf, claiming as isorla
our mighty ilKhan's life. Sing of our loss, warriors!
Sing, but of Tyra also,
for though an enemy, her courage none can deny.
- Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 24-33

And so the Khans met in kurultai
to discuss the carving of Tukayyid.
As if it was some feast dish cooked
and tender, begging for the server's knife.
- Passage 327, Verse 3, Lines 5-8

Sons and daughters of the blood legacy,
inspire me as I sing,
of the deaths dealt out on Tukayyid
and of what our warriors faced and bravely fought:
Help me paint a portrait of an apocalypse.
- Passage 328, Verse 1, Lines 1-5


After the victory over the Usurper and the fall of the Star League, the Great Father led the surviving members of the Star League Defense Force away from the chaos of the Inner Sphere to the relative peace of the Pentagon worlds. For a time, life was good; the former soldiers found prosperity and stability in their new homes. However, like all good things, it was not meant to last. The stress of colonizing new worlds and adaptation to civilian life proved too great to bear. Before long, violence erupted all across the Pentagon as old hatreds re-emerged. The fighting spared no one, not even the great Kerensky; the Great Father was one of the first to fall, and his dream of a new society seemed likely to follow him.
That is when the Founder took us away on our second Exodus to our new home in the Land of Dreams, to Strana Mechty. There he gathered his faithful followers into the Twenty-one, forever known from that day on as the Clans. The members of one Clan in particular were our forefathers; the Wolverines.
Sarah McEvedy became our first Khan, and was responsible for the training of warriors selected to join Clan Wolverine. Sarah was a well known woman among the Clans. Before the Exodus, Sarah McEvedy father commanded the Star League’s 331st Royal Battlemech Division. This unit assisted in the takeover of the Rim Worlds Republic, and later helped liberate the Terran Hegemony. She was one of the first to sign on with the Great Father and his Exodus, and among the first to pledge his loyalty to the Founder. After he was made our Khan, the Founder chose Franklin Hallis a warrior of great reknown, to complement her.

The Liberation of the Pentagon
Two decades after the Exodus, the Founder returned to the Pentagon at the head of the Clans to liberate them by force. At the forefront was our Clan, the Woverines, led by SaKhan Franklin Hallis. We joined with Clan Snow Raven, we were ordered to attack the planet Circe. The fiercest fighting took place at Constan's Ridge. The Clans were victorious, but the Ravens took heavy losses. Already lagging behind the other Clans, the Ravens blamed their losses on the Wolverines, claiming that saKhan Franklin Hallis had deliberatley understated the strength oft he enemy forces. ilKhan Kerensky exonerate us, but the Ravens swore a grudge.

As time passed, many of the Khans grew alarmed at Kerensky's increasingly totalitarian metohds. Of those, only Wolverine Khans Sarah McEvedy and Franklin Hallis had the courage to speak out.
When the Wolverines began building up their forces using a Brian Cache in their territory, Kerensky had an excuse to punish them. He declared the Cache the property of all the Clans, ordering the Wolverines to share the war materiel with their hostile neighbors, the Snow Ravens. This was particularley insulting to Khan McEvedy, because the Cache contained the equipment of the 331st Royal BattleMech Division, her father's command.
The Wolverines demanded a Trial of Refusal, but lost. It was then that Khan Sarah McEvedy began to plan breakaway from Nicholas Kerensky and his "dream" of a new society. Two Galaxy Commanders dissented and soon challenged Khan McEvedy and SaKhan Franklin Hallis right to lead the Clan down a road of destruction. After the death of the former un-named Khans, Khan Cameron and SaKhan DeChavilier reaved the McEvedy and Hallis Bloodcount to 11 each.
Quickly rebuilding the shattered touman by disbanding the Epsilon and Delta Clusters and recruiting from the captured SLDF rebels, Alpha Galaxy, Beta Galaxy and Gamma Galaxy were brung back to full strength within two months. Taking a cue from Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Wolverine gathered men and material to scout out new worlds and possible sites for new colonies and materials. Collaberation with Clan Blood Spirit reached a new high when the planet Foster was colonized by that clan and Clan Wolverine, in the spirit of clan law, staged a trial for a portion of that planet.
In the summer of 2834, the Widowmakers took brutal actions against their own civilians, leading Khan Jerome Winson of Clan Wolf to question their right to rule. The Grand Council agreed with Khan Winson and gave the Wolves the right to absorb them.
The Trial of Absorption, staged on Ironhold, had unforseen and tragic consequences. When members of the Widowmaker Touman intervened in a duel between Khan Winson and Khan Cal Jorgensson of the Widowmakers, the referees--led by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky--intervened. Whether by design or by accident, Khan Jorgensson killed ilKhan Kerensky, sending the Wolf Clan into a frenzy of vengeance. The subsequent attacks, a virtual Trial of Annihilation, left few Widowmaker warriors alive. Seeing an opening
Clan Wolverine staged several trials for Clan Widowmaker Blood legacies and acquired
10 Widowmaker Bloodnames

The Golden Century
By the dawn of the Golden Century, our Clan was considered a “lesser Clan”. Though we had established colonies on Canton and Circe, and traded with the Sea Foxes (known now as the Diamond Sharks), we rarely emerged from our enclaves. Only the occasional skirmish over resources drew us out, and even then those were rare. It was a time of relative tranquility in our Clan.
That was all shattered in 2859 when Clan Coyote unveiled their new OmniMechs. Recognizing immediately the enormous advantages of this new technology, Khan Jenny Cameron watched as Khans from four Clans demand that the Omni technology be given to all Clans. The Coyotes refused, however, stating that if any Clan wished to have the technology, they must gain it the Clan way; through proving their worthiness in combat. Our Clan was among the last to challenge, and to lose; the Coyotes warriors invoked zellbrigen to bring the fight to a series of honor duels, where their superior OmniMechs defeated our BattleMechs. After this failure we were forced to wait a year before being able to try again. Fortunately, we remembered the lessons from the last trial and managed a win. We quickly established our own OmniMech production facilities, and before long were fielding our own OmniMechs.
Omni technology was not the only marvel to come out of the Golden Century. In 2868, Clan Wolf unveiled their revolutionary new Elemental technology, giving foot soldiers more than a fighting chance against ‘Mechs. Our Khans decided to wait for a more opportune time to challenge for the technology. When we heard that the Jade Falcons had won it in a raid, we decided then to strike. We waited for the Coyotes and Fire Mandrills to conduct their trials, we stayed out of their way, and were all able to gain the technology from a weakened Falcon force.
During the rest of the Golden Century, the Wolverines maintained a semi-isolationist policy. Though we continued to expand our holdings and trade with the other Clans, we generally stayed within our own borders.

The Great Debate
In the final years of the Golden Century, there was a growing movement growing among the Clans. The followers, calling themselves Crusaders, wanted to return to the Inner Sphere, to conquer it and recreate the Star League. Before long a separate group, known as Wardens, advocated the exact opposite; that the mission given to the Clans was to protect the Inner Sphere, not subjugate it. It did not take long before all Clans fell into one category or the other. The Wolverines were undecided of the issue. The Wolves managed to stop it with the Dragoon Compromise, a scouting force that would gather intelligence on the Inner Sphere. This move delayed the invasion for fifty years, until the arrival of the Outbound Light over the skies of Huntress.

The Invasion Years
After the capture of the Outbound Light and the interrogation of its crew, many among the Clans feared an Inner Sphere invasion of the Kerensky Cluster. This fear gave Khan Leo Showers near unanimous support among the Clans for an immediate invasion. Operation Revival was finally a reality.
Our warriors fought well in the subsequent Trials, but were knocked out in the first round. Because we never supported the Crusader agenda, our Clan did not take the loss badly. Some Clans did not lose with our grace, however. The Ice Hellions chose to strike out at us and other Clans because of their failure. While other Clans brushed these attacks off, we did not. Immediately after their “Hellion’s Fury” campaign, we struck back hard at them. We bloodied a number of their Clusters and gained some of their territory on Londerholm, but lost our Khan during the vicious fighting. The void left by the death of our Khan was quickly filled by one of the most wildly different warrior in our Clan. Khan Danile McEvedy has promised that the Wolverines will gain a new position in the forefront of Clan society, laying out a plan to expand our territories and increase offensive actions throughout the Kerensky Cluster. SaKhan Blane Cameron, on the other hand, has argued against expansionism in favor of more consolidation within the Clan’s own holdings. Despite SaKhan Cameron’s misgivings, the Wolverines initiated numerous strikes throughout Clan space, netting themselves land on Foster, Londerholm and Dagda.

Present Action
After the absorption of the Burrocks, the defection of the Nova Cats, the fall of the Smoke Jaguars, and the withdrawal of the Ghost Bears from the Kerensky Cluster, the Clans fell into a state of confusion and chaos, with numerous skirmishes occurring over former Jaguar, Nova Cat, and Ghost Bear holdings. We have managed to expand our holdings on Circe, and are currently engaged in trials with the Wolves for control of their Holdings on the planet. On Londerholm, we are fighting with the Coyotes against the Ice Hellions, and we have won a portion of the planet Hoard, and are currently holding our own against the other Clans on planet.
The future looks bright for the Wolverines. We have come far from our humble beginnings, and stand ready to continue expand into this new era.


The Wolverines have one of the more open societies among the Clans, and the Clan has a strong sense of unity among its members. Personal freedoms form a major part of the lives of all members of the Clan, whether warrior or civilian. Each individual may hold their own political views and may express themselves as they choose. Our population knows the Clan respects them and their ideals, so individuals do their utmost to further the goals of the Clan.


The warrior caste remains dominant, but its members listen to the opinions of the civilian castes. The civilian castes work hard for the good of the Clan, and in recognition of their contributions, Wolverine civilians have a standard of living above the average for other Clans. The Clan’s castes cooperate well with each other, and enjoy good relations.


Clan Wolverine’s military organization is based on the concept of mixed Trinaries and Clusters, with varying levels of ‘Mech, Elemental, aerofighter assets.

Among the Wolverines, there are five Trinary types in use.

Command Trinaries: are composed of two ‘Mech stars and one composite star consisting of two ‘Mechs, two Elemental points, and one aerofighter point.
Assault Trinaries: are composed of two ‘Mech stars and an Elemental star, and are most often used as spearheads for difficult assaults, and are equipped with heavy and assault ‘Mechs.
Heavy Trinaries: are composed of two Heavy ‘Mech stars and an elemental star.
BattleTrinaries: are the most well balanced Trinary type, composed of one ‘Mech star, one Elemental star, and one aerofighter star, and are capable of reacting to any situation with ease.
Striker Trinaries: are harasser formations composed of two ‘Mech stars and an aerofighter star.

And the Cluster types

Cavalry Clusters: use fast light to heavy designs, with a handful of assault units for support. They are composed of 1 Battle and 3 Striker Trinaries.
Dragoon Clusters: are equipped for maximum flexibility in all situations, and are composed of 1 Heavy, 2 Battle, and 1 Striker Trinary.
Uhlan Clusters: skirmisher cluster composed of 2 Striker and 2 Battle Trinaries.
Recon Clusters: Recon Clusters are a mixed force of fast and deadly machines. A Command Star, 2 Light Mech Trinaries, 2 Aero Trinaries, & 1 Elemental Trinary.
Cavalier Clusters: Consist of a Command Star, 3 Mech Trinaries, 1 Armor Trinary, & 1 Aero Trinary. They are equipped with medium and heavy technology.
Hussar Clusters: Consist of a Command Trinary, 2 Heavy Mech Trinaries, 1 Aero Trinary, & 1 Elemental Binary. They rely on the standard doctrine of light and fast.
Guard Clusters: Guard Cluster is made up of a Command Trinary, 2 Heavy/Medium Mech Trinaries, 1 Elemental Trinary, 1 Armor Trinary & 1 Aero Trinary.
Garrison Clusters: These simple forces consist of a mix of armor and infantry. Each is assigned a binary of AeroSpace fighters for support. Manned mostly by freeborn conscripts, they exist simply to flesh out our weak Touman.
Battle Clusters: they form the main attack force of each galaxy with 4 heavy and 1 medium Trinaries.
Assault Clusters: they form the main assault force of each galaxy with 4 assautl and 1 Heavy Trinaries.
Light Horse Clusters: combine a strong central assault with fast flanking manoeuvres and have 2 medium and 3 light Trinaries.
Striker Clusters: are the fastest in the Clan and have 5 Medium Trinaries.


In addition to ground units, Clan Wolverine has a potent naval force.

McKenna-class - Palomar (Clan flagship)
Cameron Class Battlecruiser - Invicible Dream
Luxor class heavy cruiser- Jigoku
Sovetskii Soyuz Class Heavy Cruiser - Heart Crusher
Aegis Class Heavy Cruiser- Fury, Thrasher, Pouncer
Lola III Class Destroyer - Swiftsure, Endruance, Wolverine's Dawn
Volga Class Transport/Frigate - Wolverine's Ark
Vincent Class Corvette - Cameron's Dream, Wolverine's Star
Congress Class Frigate - Bloodied Claw
Carrack Class Transport - Covenant of Honor, Killer of Dreams
Potemkin Class Transport/Cruiser- Den Guard
Fredasa Class Corvette - Wolverines Fury, James Cameron, Micheal DeChavillier(under consturction)

Mothballed Warships:
2 Carson Class Destroyers
2 Raven Class Frigates
1 Dewey Class Destroyer

Invader Class Jumpship-7
Monolith Class Jumpship-10
Star Lord Class Jumpship-8
Magellan Class Jumpship-1
Merchant Class Jumpship-4
Scout Class Jumpship-2
Tramp Class Jumpship-5


Clan Wolverine's Khans bestow upon their warriors a number of campaign and battle ribbons. In addition to these single awards, whole Trinaries and Clusters may be awarded citations by the Khans. These citations are mounted on the unit’s standard.


Our isolationism and tendency to stay out of disputes means the Wolverines have relatively few enemies or allies. Despite that, the Wolverines have three strong alliances. The Clan has been allied with the Blood Spirits since Operation Klondike, and has cultivated a good relationship with the Fire Mandrills. They also maintain trading ties to the Diamond Sharks. The Wolverines also respect Clans Hell’s Horses, Star Adder, Ghost Bear, and Cloud Cobra, all of whom they believe have demonstrated admirable traits and abilities over the years.

The Clan’s enemies are Steel Viper, Wolf, Coyote and Ice Hellions. The Wolverines still have not forgotten or forgiven the loss of our Khan during their Hellion’s Fury campaign, and have fought against their forces numerous times since then. Most recently, the Wolverines are engaged against the Ice Hellions in Trials on the worlds of Londerholm and Hoard.

Wolverine Demographics (3060)

Affiliation: Warden
Capital: Circe
Population (Clan Space): 58,409,000 (3060)
Population growth rate: 2.2 percent (68/47)
Self-Sufficiency Index: 96 percent

Khan: Keller DeChavilier
saKhan: SaKhan Bobby Cameron
Loremaster: Barry Allen
Scientist-General: Claus
Merchant Factor: Jael
Master Technician: Mathias
Senior Laborer: Emiril
Clusters: 24
WarShips: 16

Worlds :
Strana Metchy: 1%
Circe: 10%
Bearclaw: 25%
Babylon: 15%
Dagda: 10%
Londerholm: 15%
Foster: 10%
Hoard: 5%
Canton: 100%
New Cortair: 100%
Cimtar: 100%

Alpha Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Beta Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Gamma Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Delta Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Epsilon Provisional Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Tau Provisional Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Zeta Provisional Galaxy (3 Clusters)
Omega Galaxy (3 Clusters)

Clan Combined Command (The Iron Guard Keshik)
1 Trinary/Elite/Fanatical
CO: Star Colonel Jenson Hallis

Clan Command (Wolverine's Fury)
1 Trinary/Elite/Fanatical
CO: Star Colonel Bethel Cameron

Alpha Galaxy (Wolverine's Rage)

Galaxy Command (Wolverine's Heart Keshik)
1 Trinary/Elite/Fanatical
CO: Khan Keller DeChavilier

331st Wolverine Assault Cluster ( the North American Division)
5 Trinaries/Veteran/Fanatical
CO: Star Colonel Xerxe Cameron

1st Wolverine Assault Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Jet Hallis

1st Wolverine Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel John McEvedy

Beta Galaxy (The Destroyers)

Galaxy Command (Wolverine's Claws Keshik)
1 Trinary/Veteran/Reliable
CO: SaKhan Bobby Cameron

6th Wolverine Striker Cluster
5 Trinaries/Green/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Richard

3rd Wolverine Guards
5 Trinaries/Veteran/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Darren Gunnarson

12th Wolverine Regulars
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Paul

Gamma Galaxy (The Pouncing Wolverine)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander Lamont Pike

1st Wolverine Guards
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Bally MacAndrew

2nd Wolverine Guards
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Henry Nethken

1st Wolverine Striker Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Jarrel

Delta Galaxy (Wolverine's Fury)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander Kline Brandon

33rd Wolverine Hussars
5 Trinaries/Elite/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Aaron Holt

13th Wolverine Assault Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Fanatical
CO: Star Colonel Jason Reider

7th Wolverine Regulars
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Randy Holt

Epsilon Provisional Galaxy (The Guardians)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander Noll

1st Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Tom

2nd Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Nox

3rd Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Jarrel

Tau Provisional Galaxy (Rabid Wolverines)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander Zeb

6th Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Robert

9th Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Tina

21st Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Rip

Zeta Provisional Galaxy (Stalwart Defense)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander

22nd Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Bob

24th Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Xlack

31st Garrison Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Mnaln

Omega Galaxy (New Recruits)

Galaxy Command
1 Trinary/Regular/Reliable
CO: Galaxy Commander

31st Wolverine Light Horse
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Paul

1st Wolverine Hussars
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Jake

1st Recon Cluster
5 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable
CO: Star Colonel Deveal Cameron

New Machines:

Code: Select all

Wolverine IIC.

Type/Model: Wolverine IIC
Mass: 50 tons

Equipment: Crits Mass
Int. Struct.: 83 pts Endo Steel 7 2.50
(Endo Steel Loc: 1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LT, 1 RT, 1 CT, 1 LL, 1 RL)
Engine: 250 Fusion 6 12.50
Walking MP: 5
Running MP: 8
Jumping MP: 5
Heat Sinks: 10 Double [20] 0 .00
Gyro: 4 3.00
Cockpit, Life Supt., Sensors: 5 3.00
Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA+H R: Sh+UA+LA+H 16 .00
Armor Factor: 154 pts Ferro-Fibrous 7 8.00
(Armor Crit Loc: 1 LA, 2 LT, 2 RT, 1 LL, 1 RL)

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 16 23
Center Torso (Rear): 7
L/R Side Torso: 12 12/17
L/R Side Torso (Rear): 6
L/R Arm: 8 14/14
L/R Leg: 12 20/20

Weapons and Equipment Loc Ammo Crits Mass Heat
1 LBX AC/10 RA 30 5 10.00 2
(Ammo Locations: 2 RT)
1 SRM 6 LT 30 1 1.50 4
(Ammo Locations: 2 LT)
1 ER Medium Laser HD 1 1.00 5
1 ER Medium Laser LA 1 1.00 5
1 ER Medium Laser LA 1 1.00 5
5 Standard Jump Jets: 5 2.50
(Jump Jet Loc: 2 LL, 2 RL, 1 CT)

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The scientest caste began to push genetics to the breaking point, by pushing sibkos to almost two hundred per breeding cycle. Clan Coyotes work in the OmniMech did not go unnoticed by Clan Wolverine and its scientest. Clan Wolverine scientest began studying the Mercury Mech for its revelutionary design.

In 2834 Clan Wolverine was called to attend the trial of Refusual between Clan Wolf and Clan Widowmaker. On October 6, Clan Wolverine arrived on Ironhold and were escorted to their accomadations. IlKhan Kerensky arrivied to talk to Khan Holt and explain why Clan Wolverine was excluded from being one of the judging Clans. On October 7, on the Stietz Plains Clan Wolverine watched Clan Widowmaker fight for its life. Khan Jorgensson of Clan Widowmaker was losing the fight when a star of Widowmaker Mechs jumped Khan Winson of Clan Wolf to prevent him from firing on the downed Widowmaker Khan, when Clan Widowmaker violated the rules of Zelbrigen the 17 Clans who were setting as judges (in their mechs non-the-less) charged foward to defend Clan Wolf Khan Winson when IlKhan Kerensky approached the Widowmaker Khan, he(Khan Jorgensson) fired upon the IlKhans Mech killing him instantly. When Clan Wolf realized what happened a hush fell over the combatants, then slowly rightous anger built among the gathered Clan Wolf honor guard. It exploded with a resounding roar and the Clan Wolf honor guard began ripping into the Clan Widowmaker honor guard while medics attempted to revive IlKhan Kerensky. When the carnage was over Clan Wolverine was stunned to see the ferocity of the Wolf warriors. Khan Hoyt took his Keshik and returned to Canton and took stock of the Clans assests.
When Khan Hoyt began his inspection of the Clans resources and material he found a clan that was stagnating. Alpha and Beta Galaxy was still rebuilding from the last year of fighting and Delta was a paper tiger. The Warships were not in much better shape, the best ship was a single merchant jumpship that had been overhauled two years ago, and the dropships were showing signs of overuse. Khan Hoyt called the head of all the Clans secondary functions and aroused them from their complancence.

With the Clans production need addressed Khan Hoyt approached the labor and banking guilds to acquire the nessacery materials for a vehicle plant that would produce over 100 units every two months. During the meeting one of the labor leaders expressed a doubt of the timeframe desired due to a low workforce due to ongoing construction efforts on other projects. Khan Hoyt asked how could this be expediated to the proper timeline and the labor leader asked jokingly if the warrior sibkos could help and Khan Hoyt mulled the idea over and said yes. just as the meeting was breaking up a communique from the one of the Explorer Corp, the team had found a large asteroid field with abundant metals and minerals needed by the clan.

Khan Hoyt began to push for increased mech and vehicle production after the establishment of the mining colony of New Cortair. a space mining facility that will increase to a dropship/jumpship production facility. The Wolverine War Academy curiculium currently is set at 100 mechwarriors per year, 100 aeropilots/year, 1500 infantry soldiers/year.

current level of troops

Alpha Galaxy: 75%
Beta Galaxy: 70%
Gamma Galaxy: 100% (Infantry)(New)
Delta Galaxy: 45%

Epsilon Cluster: 33%
In December 2835 Khan Hoyt was killed fighting Clan Jade Falcon forces in a Trial of Possession for several tons worth of resources vital for our Clan and thiers. Khan Hoyt won the battle at the cost of his life. SaKhan Jessica Nethken took over the Khanship after a hard fight during the Trial of Position. Khan Nethken's first act was to seperate two veteran stars to form a core of warriors for the newest fighting force, the Khans Keshik. Officially named "The Iron Guard Keshik".

Khan Nethken watched the new year come in with a bang. Clan Burrock launched an attack on a new colony within the Canton system and was meet with equal force. An assault cluster from Alpha Galaxy fought and destroyed a Burrock assault cluster in 4hrs. Casualties were high as 55% of the warriors were lost. the rest of 2836 passed with relative quiet. Clan Burrock tried several times to launch raids or trials against Clan Wolverine holdings, but were overwhelmmed each time. Clan Jade Falcon would deal with us only through their Banking Guild, and Clan Wolf and Coyote shunned us as outcast. Clan Blood Spirit became an ally and true friend to us due to other Clans biased attitudes towards our respective Clans.

2837-2900 rebirth and loss

In late 2837 Khan Nethken was striken with an unknown cancer and doctors were unable to treat the cancer. By December Khan Nethken was one with the universe. Trials were held and new Khan and SaKhan were appointed.
Khan James DeChavilier and SaKhan Jennier Hallis took the helm of Clan Wolverine during the Golden Years. Khan DeChavilier tried to approach Clan Wolf and rekindle the friendship between the DeChavilier blood house and the Kerensky blood house. The attempt failed. By june 2837 Clan Wolverine was slowly rebuilding itself. Resource production was showing slow increase while limited production of needed materials was at a steady output. The rest of 2837 passed with little incident as Clan Wolverine stayed to themselves only using vid conferencing to attend the council meetings. By 2838 resource levels were showing a 10% increase as the first sibkos finally entered the ranks. Over 300 young soldiers increased our touman strength to a respectable 3 galaxies with a garrison galaxy composed of conscripted freeborn citizens.
current production levels allow for the production of Battlemechs, Aerospace/Vehicles and infantry weapons and armor. they are at preset levels of distribution between the factories. Infantry are the least resource comsuming of all weapon production (15%). Aerospace/Armor take currently takes up 35% of current resource production. Battlemechs take up 35% of all current resource production. Warships/Jumpships take the remaining 15% of current level of production. the reason the low level of resource production is this (A) manpower. currently labour is suffering because of the demand of replacing fallen warriors during conflicts. currently due to the fanatic defense of Wolverine soil average death per cluster is roughly 45 to 55%. (B) due to the constant threat of attack and destruction of said resource that have to be transported across space, a rather slow but steady level of production is maintained until such time that the threat of other clans is eliminated or contained to such a manner that does not threaten our supply lines.

this is the level of production currently fielded by the wolverines.

Battlemechs: current level has increased to 7 monthly. 2 light, 1 medium, 2 heavy, 1 assault.
Aerospace: current level is sufficiant as fighters are plentiful and losses are very low. 1 light, 3 medium, 3 heavy, 3 assault every three months is the new production level.
Armor: current level has increased to 3 light, 4 medium, 2 heavy, 3 assault tanks per month.
Infantry: new level of actual number of star of infantry has increased to a whopping 25 star a month to fill out the new galaxy. (totally manned by infantry clusters with armor stars in support.)
Warships/Jumpships: no production at this time, all resources allocated to this area is currently dedicated to repair and refit, currently Clan Sea Fox is the reciepant of those resources.

By june 2837 Clan Wolverine was slowly rebuilding itself. Resource production was showing slow increase while limited production of needed materials was at a steady output. The rest of 2837 passed with little incident as Clan Wolverine stayed to themselves only using vid conferencing to attend the council meetings. By 2838 resource levels were showing a 10% increase as the first sibkos finally entered the ranks. Over 300 young soldiers increased our touman strength to a respectable 3 galaxies with a garrison galaxy composed of conscripted freeborn citizens.

by late 2838 resource levels were increased by another 35% allowing for an increase of production levels. The labour guild began production of a dropship/jumship facility with a projected 15 to 20 month build time. Clan Ice Hellion found an Wolverine Brian Cache at which Clan Goliath Scorpion, Clan Fire Mandrill and Clan Wolverine declared Trials of Possession. Clan Fire Mandrill and Goliath Scorpion were both defeated leaving Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Wolverine to fight. The Trial was horrendous, of the cluster that fought for Clan Wolverine only three soldiers survived to declare victory. Clan Ice Hellion suffered the loss of a complete cluster. From that time we have not forgotten nor forgiven Clan Ice Hellion. With the equipment from the Cache we were able to reconstitute the Cluster and use the rest of the Mechs to return to full strength almost all of Alpha Galaxy. With Salvage from the Ice Hellion Cluster we were able to field two new Stars of Mechs. Our Aerofighters got a shot in the arm with 50 aerofighters added to the aerospace arm. but as with all things only 15 were able to be flown as pilots were lacking. Freeborn Conscripts were given what was left 30 VTOLS Fighters, 55 Conventional Fighters and 25 Helicopters.

it was a cache of former 331st equipment consisting of 72 SLDF Battlemechs, 108 various armor and over 260 aerospace fighter and conventional aircraft.

It was at this time that Clan Blood Spirit Ilchi approached us for a trade of tons of Mehs and Mech parts for needed minerals and reources. We looked the trade over and though it would hurt us in the short run we accepted the agreement and cemented our two clans even futher. Clan Mongoose also came to our assistance by giving a better deal for warship and jumpship repair than we had with Clan Snow Raven. Clan Snow Raven insulted at what they considered an upstart to their dominance of the aerospace fields, declared a Trial of Refusual against Clan Wolverine and Clan Mongoose. We fielded two trinaries along with two trinaries for Clan Mongoose, Clan Snow Raven fielded 6 trinaries against us. The Trial lasted just over 4 days with Clan Mongoose the winner. Since then a fued has existed between Clan Wolverine and Clan Snow Raven.

Clan Hells Horses during theses troubled times sought to provoke Clan Wolverine as to prove themselves against a formidable Clan, plus Clan Wolverine was shunned therfore no retaliation would be forthcoming from the other clans. A Hells Horses warship (Lola III class) attempted to capture and board a jumpship carrying valuable cargo for the Clan. Clan Wolverine Warships escorting the jumpship attempted to defend it but were overwhelmed (two Vincents).
One Vincent was heavily damaged and withdrew and limped home. The other vincent dove under the keel of the Lola and destroyed one of her main engines while evading her barrages. The jumpship captain sized up the battle and ordered an emergency jump and disappered into the void of space. The remaining vincent withdrew and her captain vowed vengeance against Clan Hells Horses for the loss of the jumpship. (it is still thought that the horses captured the ship and killed its crew).
A warship star was sent to search for the missing jumship and to engage any Clan Hell's Horses warships that attempted to interfer. Three months later the warship star returned empty handed and heavily damaged. the Star Admiral reported that a star of Clan Hell's Horses warships were escorting several of their clans jumsphips and he (Star Admiral Allen) decided to attack and repay Clan Hell's Horses for attacking a Clan Wolverine jumsphip. The fight was fierce, with several dropships destroyed and many fighters lost. Star Admiral Allen reported that at least one jumpship confirmed destroyed and at least two were heavily damaged. A running battle ensued with the Clan Wolverine star jumping out before any warship was destroyed.

Early 2839
Khan DeChavilier was traveling to a new world recently opened for colonization when Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Snow Raven jumpships and warships appeared insystem, both broadcasting batchcalls for possessions of the world. Khan DeChavilier responded saying " Clan Wolverine will defend our territory with all we have. If your leaders seek to stop Clan Wolverine from expanding and growing then they are sadly mistaken. I will defend Clan Wolverine's claim with one star of 'Mechs." Four days later Khan DeChavilier was dead and Clan Wolverine was pushed off the new world.
Wolverine: Begins fight against Snow Ravens, Wolverine force (1 wolverine mech, 2 marauders, 1 battlemaster, 1 mongoose) Raven Force ( 2 black knights, 3 marauders) snow ravens advance taking damage to three mechs, raven open fire at long range hitting the wolverine and 1 marauder. ravens close to medium range 1 black knight targets the wolverine mech hitting the cockpit killing the pilot. The enraged Wolverines attack the ravens, knocking out a black knight and heavily damaging a marauder. Clan Snow Raven regrouped and attacked again this time meeting a hail of fire that knocked out another Black Knight and crippling another Marauder. their simultanious fire struck the damaged Wolverine Marauder setting of its AC ammo and destroying the Mech. Clan Snow Raven remaining Mech was granted Hegira. Clan Hellls Horses attack came soon after targetting the battlemaster. horses forces ( 2 excaliburs, 2 thunderbolts, 1 exterminator), the exterminator circled to the rear of the battlemaster and let loose its arsenal destorying its rear armor. soon the fight became a melee fight with the Horses. Khan DeChavilier was the last to fall (battlemaster), but the damage to the combined forces of the horses and ravens was two raven mechs knocked out and two crippled, three Clan Hells Horses mechs were destroyed.
After the loss of the world known as tokashsa, Clan Wolverine began searching for other worlds and began to colonize the two moons of their homesystem. Trials were held for the position of Khan and SaKhan due to the death of Khan DeChavilier. SaKhan Hallis was crippled in his bid for Khanship and retired from active duty. Jacob Cameron defeated all opponets for the position of Khan and Jennifer Haldane won the SaKhan position.

Cameron's first act as Khan was to restructure the Touman. Reducing a star to 2 mechs, 1 vehicle, 1 aerofighter and a point of infantry. With 'Mech production unable to keep up with losses Khan Cameron moved units around to make up for the lack of Battlemechs. Khan Cameron also shocked many by actually attending council meetings in person. At the first council meeting Khan Cameron was attacked verbally by Clans Hells Horses and Snow Raven for the "supposed" dishonorable fighting of former Khan DeChavilier, Khan Cameron replied that if Clan Hells Horses had not been so eager for blood that they would have restrained from firing on a warrior who was engaged in battle. it quickly degenerated into a shouting match between Clans Hells Horses and Snow Raven and Clan Wolverine. Khan Jennifer Winson stepped in and shouted all parties down saying "Though Clan Wolverine is considered outcast for their past sins, they still are kin among us, therefore if they will ask for suraki and you Clans Snow Ravens and Hells Horses also ask suraki, then this matter will be closed. Khan Cameron on behalf of Clan Wolf we acknowledge your Clan and its right to be among us. The sins of the past are no more."

After the Council was dismissed Khan Cameron approached Khan Winson "Khan of the Wolves i thank you for the brief support against the Ravens and Horses." said Khan Cameron "I only did that which my former husband had already done, and futher more Khan Cameron i would advise you do not expect aid from us again." replied Khan Winson.
Khan Cameron returned to Canton and began to strengthen ties with Clans Mongoose and Blood Spirit. He approached the IlChi of Blood Spirit and gave a new proposal to be fowarded to the Khans of Blood Spirit. He then invited Clan Mongoose Khan Faraday to visit Canton and discuss trade and mutual defense issues.

The proposal included the sale of several aerofighters, 'mechs and vehicles to Clan Blood Spirit and a location of a resource rich asteroid field to aid Clan Blood Spirit in maintianing its current production output.

Khan Cameron then sent a message to Clan Snow Raven issuing a Trial of Grievence against them and stated that He(Khan Cameron) was issuing this challenge directly to the Khan of Clan Snow Raven. Two days later a response came from Clan Snow Raven accepting the challenge of Khan vs Khan. One week after that Khan Cameron met the Snow Raven Khan on the plains of Strana Metchy in a remote area 5 miles from Katyusa City. "By the laws handed down by Nicholas, I Khan of the Wolverines challenge you Khan of the Snow Ravens to a Trial of Grievance to end the petty fued between our clans." said Khan Cameron "Khan of the Wolverines i accept you challenge and will take pleasure in your defeat." replied the Khan of the Snow Ravens.

The two warriors met on the field of battle and began trading long range fire, Khan Cameron lets loose a barrage of twin PPC's striking the Snow Raven Khan's mech, both hiiting a srm launcher just as the missles were launched. The explosion ripped into the Snow Ravens mech destroying its left torso and ripping it left arm off. The giant machine lurched forward, went to one knee and fell on its left side.

Khan Cameron walked Thug over to the downed Battlemaster "do you yield Khan McKenna of the Ravens?" "I yield replied the raven Khan" thus ended the fued between Clan Woverine and Snow Raven.
Khan Cameron waited as IlChi Bogues went over the details and arrangements in the new trade proposal. "I like this idea Khan Cameron, but what do you want from Clan Blood Spirit?" asked IlChi Bogues "Well for one thing our clans are dezgra in the eyes of the other clans and in these unknown times it is good to know that we have a "friend" out here." "We want knothing other than friendship from you Clan." replied Khan Cameron.

Clan Blood Spirit accepted our offer of several stars worth of armor, aerofighters and mechs as well as the location for a resource rich asteroid field. In return a mutual trading pact was made between our clans.

Khan Cameron efforts to increase the production of replacement Mechs, Warships and aerofighters came to fruition in November after the discovery of a moon rich with resources and minerals. Production of Battlemechs jumped to 45% within 5 months after the find. Warships and Jumpships were able to have repairs done and new designs to evaluated for construction. Aerofighters production jumped to 44% and infantry weapons increased to 46%.

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February, 15

Khan Cameron began to expand the Wolverine War Academey to include jumpship, dropship and warship programs. As year progressed Clan Wolverine slowly continued is building and expansion, three moons were now being mined for resources and minerals, over 300 farms had now been established to raise wheat, corn, barley, apples and other fruits, and several cattle, bison and hog farms for livestock and meat. Sibkos were showing continued progress in their training and development. What set Clan Wolverine apart from other Clans was the children, they were and still are treated as the most important assest the Clan has. those future warrior, laborers, merchants were made to feel a bond of friendship and love toward one another and to the Clan.
As the year slowly dragged on and Clan Wolverine held the line against predecation from Clans Burrock and Ice Hellion, slowly but surely new machines walked out of Clan Wolverine factories, new clusters were formed to replace the front line clusters in need of rest and replacements, and after many months of building the new orbital facility came online. though it could not build anything larger than a destroyer, it could service the largest warship in the Wolverine fleet for maintenance.
after years of paitence and rebuilding Clan Wolverine began to actively compete against the other Clans and came out of their self imposed censure. Clan Blood Spirit was the first to be alerted to out presence with three jumpships loaded with material approached York, Clan Fire Mandrill was the second as one jumpship appeared in their space and contacted them for trade. Clan Wolf was approached directly by Khan Cameron. the meeting lasted a full day. Khan Cameron left Strana Metchty and returned to Clan Wolverine space.
Alpha Galaxy minus the 331st was sent to Circe to guard our holding there, the 331st was sent to Strana Metchy as our honor guard for our holding their. Beta was sent to New Cortair and Gamma was sent to Cimtar. One warship star was sent with each front line Galaxy. The remaining stars were mothballed until proper maintenance could be performed. On Canton another Mech Factory was opened to increase production of BattleMechs for our Touman. Clan Blood Spirit recieved tons of replacement parts for their Mechs and vehicles. A new vehicle Factory was also opened. Clan Mongoose at this time began to slide in Clan traditions, using Kerensky's writing and speeches to futher their agenda.
it was within just a few months of showing up that Clan Blood Spirit sent a jumpship with a trinary and a special guest, the IlChi for Clan Wolverine on board, to set up a trial for a small parcell of land to establish the new IlChi's office and warehouse for any material going to Clan Blood Spirit.
as the 2840 came to an end Clan Wolverine was on a rebound after the years of silence and shunning. Clan Blood Spirit was able win the 5 acre land to build the IlChi's office on. Clan Fire Mandrill sent their Loremaster to negotiate using the Wolverine yards for repairing and general maintenance for their warships. A satisfactory arrangement was made with a trial to be held for a 5 acre land parcel to build an office on that would be manned by Wolverine merchants and a star of warriors. the trial would be held in January of 2841. It was during December of 2840 that Clan Wolverine challenged Clan Wolf to a trial of grievence. Clan Wolf accepted and on the plains of Strana Metchy a star of Wolverine 'Mechs fought a trinary of Wolf 'Mechs. The Wolf forces won, but due to our stars honorable fight we won much respect from the Wolf Trinary, especially since we knocked out two stars of their forces before ours fell. they did not loss a warrior we lost 3.
2841 was a new year for Clan Wolverine, The Orbital Shipyard was functional, the new Mechyard was producing needed 'Mechs, and the First sibkos were were begining to take their place in the Touman. We began to explore the regions between the pentagon worlds and Kerensky's Cluster.
March 2841 was a deadly month for the wolverines, Khan Cameron was killed fighting elements of Clan Smoke Jaguar that were sent to capture battlemech plans of the Pulverizer and Stag II mechs. SaKhan Haldane won the Khanship and Becky DeChavilier defeated many warriors for the SaKhan position. It was during this time that the oathmaster position was created, Daniel Cameron won the position after a brutal triaL, in which he lost part of a leg.
much of 2841 passed by without much incident. Sporatic raids and trials marked the rest of the year. Clan Blood Spirit spent much of the year building they IlChi's new office and small barracks for the star of infantry
Two Jumpships (1 Scout, 1 Merchant) were out fitted for use in the Wolverine Explorers Corps. The Scout, Wolverines Honor, was launched with much fanfare and was instructed to search for new worlds for habitation and minerals/resources. She was fully stocked and not set to return for at least 2 yrs. The Merchant, Wolverine Dreams, was set to explore the gap between the pentagon worlds and the Clan sytems.
all contact was lost with the Wolverines Honor, after several search and rescue operations failed to find anything, the ship was listed as "lost to Misjump". The Wolverines Dream was able to find several systems but none habitable. plans were drawn up to assemble habitats for those systems and to search for planets that could be terraformed, not marginal but fully unihabitable planets would be selected for such extreme and costly endeavors, for such worlds would become the future homes.
Khan Haldane faced a no confindence vote, seeing the lack of confindence his warriors had in him Haldane quietly walked away and was never heard from again. 17yr old James Cameron blood son of Khan James Cameron won his surename and fought for the Khanship but was defeated by Jewel DeChavilier, Eldest daughter of Dechavilier.
in October 2842 the Burrocks came back with a vengeance, One Warship with a Invader Jumpship loaded with 3 Overlord dropships approached Circe to attack our former Capitol City of New Hope. A full complement of second line Galaxy begin its descent against the small Wolverine Hold. On Circe the 1st Assault Cluster began to set up defenses while securing the civilians, distress calls went out to Canton and other Woverine holdings. Commander Davy Hallis set his troops to blunt the main attack, the local aerofighers and conventional aeroplanes were held in reserve while the planetary Mech force and infantry were placed in reserve to assist the Assault Cluster.
(Wolverine forces 1 Assault Cluster (2 Mech trinaries, 1 infantry trinary, 1 vehicle trinary, 1 aero trinary), 1 trinary of Planetary Mechs, 1 cluster of mechinized infantry, 2 trinaries of mixed aerofighters and conventional aeroplanes) (At this time the Burrock forces are still in the original configuration as laid out by Nicholas 2 Mech trinaries, 1 infantry trinary, 1 vehicle trinary, 1 aero trinary).
Star Colonel Hallis did not expect any batchcall forthcoming from the incoming Burrocks, so ordered that zellbrigen would be null and void and that any measure to defeat the obviously deranged Burrock warriors would not be held against the defenders. Star Colonel Hallis then made sure that all transmissions and battleroms would be transmitted to the orbital data sattalite. at 1600 hours Circe time the first Burrock dropships landed just inside the Wolverine territorial boundries. A Blood Spirit Merchant ship jumped insystem to trade with the Wolverine enclave and stumbled into the Burrocks invasion fleet, 10 fighters screamed toward the Merchant jumpship, The captian of the unlucky ship (Spirit Dreams) sent a frantic transmission, as he began evasive manuver the Burrock warship crippled the merchant vessle by destroying its engine section.
at 1800 hours Circe time a Star of Mechbuster aeroplanes along with a Star of Torrent Heavy Bombers attacked the Burrock Dropships and deployed forces. The parked Mechs, armor made for easy targets, while the bivacs of the infantry made nice pinpoints for the Torrents. The Mechbusters screamed in and began to strafe the Mechs and infantry while the Lead Torrent made a run for one of the Overlord. The Overlord began defensive firing at the torrent, hitting the plane but not befor 8 tons of bombs were released.
The Overlord seemed to wither the bombs for a few moments then split like and eggshell exploding outward. the explosion knocked down several trianaries of mechs and infantry. A second Dropship was heavily damaged from the explosion. When the smoke cleared it was a scene from Hell. broken bodies of men and mechs strewed about, a Mech arm here, a human hand or leg there. of the Cluster that was near the base less than a Binary of Mechs, Armor and men was functional. The Torrents began bombing the other Burrock forces with minor damage to them. After an hour all torrents and mechbusters were destroyed. As the Burrocks tried to regroup, Star Commander Hallis sent in the Heavy Armor Trinary with SRM armed Infantry support.
Star Colonel Jeoffery Linn began to rally his forces and was able to gather up most of the two remaining cluster (1st PGC and 2nd PGC) while the 1st Battle Cluster was reeling from the assualt. When the armor and infantry began to set up a defensive perimeter they were slammed by the heavy armor and SRM infantry, Star Captain Eoff called for reinforcements as his medium to light armor was being shredded by the heavy and assault armor of the wolverines. Star Colonel Linn sent in a Star of medium Mechs from the shattered 1st Battle with 5 Heavy armor to aid.
As the Medium Star flung itself into the fight against the Heavy armor of the Wolverines two things happened, one Star Captain Cynthia of the Van Houten line took 5 SRM's to the head and upper torso, her Headless Mech propelled by its momentum stumbled over a Manticore Heavy Tank and plowed into the ground. The Second was the Manticore after being crashed into exploded and took out a Ontos Heavy Tank beside her. the Medium Star seeing their commander die and her mech take out two enemy tanks spurred them on to throw themselves into the battle without regard to themselves. After 2 hours of fighting one lone Mech stood among the carnage. no infantry or armor units were left to attack and Mechwarrior Neal looked around for his star mates and saw their Mech either laying or remnants strewed about from exploding.

One lone infantry man made it back to New Hope and reported what happened.
Star Colonel Hallis was suprised at the gallantry of the armor and infantry for standing their ground and stopping the burrocks for a short while. the lone surviver, a infantry man named Earle, was relegated to a rear guard star of infantry. Star Colonel Linn survyed his surving forces, 1st Battle 1 star armor, 3 points of infantry left of the cluster. 1st PGC 2 Mech stars, 1 infantry star, 2nd PGC 2 Mech Stars, 1 armor star and 1 infantry star. Star Colonel Linn disbaned the remaining 1st's survivors and folded them into the 1st PGC. Taking command of the 2nd he began to march toward the Wolverines to destroy the traitorous Clan.
at 2200 hours the hammer fell exactly where Star Colonel Hallis expeacted them too. five miles from the outskirts of New Hope on the main road out of the city. 4 Mech Stars with support from 2 armor stars and a infantry star. mines made short work of two medium tanks and disabled a third. Three Mechs were also damaged from mines. Hallis ordered the infantry stationed throught the woods and hidden trenches to strike. Several Mechs fell to the infantry strike, only to wiped by the Burrocks infantry and armor.
Star Colonel Linn watched as another medium fall to the Wolverine's infantry, scanning he saw the heat of their weapons and fired a Large laser at them. "All star report" he ordered. several minutes went by before an answer came "Star Colonel this is Star Captain Jessica, Alpha and Beta star are undamaged. Charlie star lost one Cicada, and a Hunchback, Delta lost two Griffins and Maruader." "Thank you Star Captain, Fold Charlie and Delta into a new star and form up on me. Star Colonel Linn out."
Star Colonel Linn watched as another medium fall to the Wolverine's infantry, scanning he saw the heat of their weapons and fired a Large laser at them. "All star report" he ordered. several minutes went by before an answer came "Star Colonel this is Star Captain Jessica, Alpha and Beta star are undamaged. Charlie star lost one Cicada, and a Hunchback, Delta lost two Griffins and Maruader." "Thank you Star Captain, Fold Charlie and Delta into a new star and form up on me. Star Colonel Linn out." "Aff" replied the star captain, turning his mind to the battle Star Colonel Linn was supprised to note that it had been two days since landing on Circe. He keyed his mike "Star Colonel Linn to Heavens Gate, what is your status?"
"Star Admiral Kelein Nga we are enjoying a sunny day here, and see your bumbling around like little children is costing us victory Star Colonel."
"Star Admiral i shall see you in a circle of equals for that remark when we are done here" replied Linn
"I shall endea-- KRAKKKBOOOMMM-- WHAT THE SAM HILL IS GOING ON!" background "sir a ----spi---- War---- firin---- SKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

in Space the Blood Spirit warship "Blood Fury" (Lola III) attacked the Burrock warship "Star Glory" (Lola III). The Spirit warship came in a pirate waypoint to search for its missing jumpship, acting on information passed on from the merchant caste, a warship was dispatched to Circe to confirm the information. The Captain of the ship was instructed to use the dangerous pirate waypoint to enter the system and recon from a safe and undetecable distance. Upon entering the system the warship went silent and began to travel to circe slowly. when she came into visual range of circe the off crew were instructed to search the space around circe for any warships not of wolverine markings. after several hours of searching the Burrock warship was found and the Captain ordered the ship to optimal range for the foward weapons and sent a short coded message to the Blood Spirit fleet. At 13:00 hrs Circe time Blood Fury began firing upon the unsuspecting Star Glory. Hiting her just above midship port, and top aft. as soon as the shots hit the Blood Fury lit her engines to full and begain to manuver against the stunned burrock ship. the suprise was short lived as the Star Glory began to turn port and rolled 90 degrees presenting her bottom. Star Commodore Jal Schimdt ordered his ship to ignore the roll and go for the damaged sections. after hours of manuvering and several intense volleys both ships were seeking away to deal the final blow when at 19:00 hrs two Spirit Vincents showed up and began a high speed burn toward the fight. Admiral Nga was dead, Star Captain Vick took the helm and ordered a fighting withdrawal to the nearest jump point. Schimdt seeing his prey slip away ordered full power to the engines and then ordered to override the safeties to overtake the Star Glory. Blood Fury over took the fleeing burrock warship and fired a massive volley that overheated the Blood Fury and shut her down. Star Glory wasnt in much better shape, a missle impacted near one of her aft drives and damaged it, a Naval Autocannon blew through a damaged section near a starboard power conduit knocking out power to that side. Star Commodore Schimdt left the bridge of his crippled ship and went to the shuttle bay and sent a message to the crippled Burrock Ship "Fighting is not an option anymore, stand down, you have fought honorably and bravely. your Clan can ask now more of you, your ship is heavily damaged, as is mine but we have two more coming for you and they seek you avenge us, stand down and and surrender, waste is not needed here."
Star Captain Vick looked around the shattered CIC, bodies floated near their duty stations, half of the bridge crew was dead or wounded and he didnt know what the rest of the casualty list included, starboard was still out of power and engines were reduced to half thrust till the missle damage could be repaired. "Open a channel to the Blood Spirit ship" Vick aske the comm officer "We yield to your superior might this day Blood Spirit, but know this our ship, our dead shall be avenged we stand down to become your bondsmen." "Open a shipwide comm" "Burrocks we are beaten, our ship is heavily damaged and two more of the decadent Blood Spirits warships approach us to do more harm, therefore as acting commandore of this ship we are accepting their terms of surrender and those who do not take bondsref will become bondsmen to the Spirits, Star Captain Vick out"
on the fourth day of Clan Burrocks invasion of Circe the small Burrock fleet consiting of 3 dropships, 1 warship, and 1 jumship, 1 frontline Cluster and 2 Solahma Clusters was resoundly defeated by a combined forces of Clan Blood Spirit and Clan Wolverine.
The Burrock Warship was captured with 10 crewman left alive, the jumpship escpaed.

Star Colonel Linn waited for an eternity to hear from the Star Admiral.

"Star Colonel Linn to Jumpship Burrock Glory what is going on up there."

several minutes later

"Star Captain Nathan to Star Colonel Linn, this is the Burrock Glory sorry to inform you that we are bugging out, Spirit Warships and returning Wolverine Warships and escorts are inbound and we are under orders to return to Home Sir."

"Understood Star Captain carry out your orders.
Star Colonel Schimdt gritted his teeth again the strain of the dropping dropship. The G forces were driving him upwards toward his cealing in his cockpit.


Dropship Bloody Dreams

"This is Clan Blood Spirit Dropship Bloody Dreams to Star Colonel Hallis do you copy? We are in route to aid your forces in destroying the surats who soil your lands and defile your presence."
"Alpha Star and Beta Star on me" ordered Star Colonel Schimdt "clear all channels for immediate enemy action"

"Affirmitve" replied A2

"Aff" replied A3

"Affirmitive Star Colonel" replied A4

"Yes Sir" came A5

"Beta Star awaiting orders Sir" replied Star Catain Alex

Star Colonel Linn was stunned to see 4 stars of 'Mechs advancing toward his position. His force of 3 'Mech stars, 1 1/2 armor star and 3 points of infantry left to fight with. Consulting his Star Captains, Star Colonel Linn contacted the Wolverine Commander.

"I Star Colonel Linn hereby challenge you to honorable combat for this patch of land, if i win we own this parcel of Circe, if i lose you shall have the remains of my forces as you Isorla."
Star Colonel Linn's Champion danced with Hallis's Maruader in the final battle. Linn had scored minor hits on Hallis's left leg and left torso doing minor damage while the twin PPC's of the Maruader scalded and melted the champions armor like butter.
two hours later Linn's Champion minus most of it right side and Hallis's Maruader minus its left arm and a frozen left knee actuator, Hallis radioded

"Star Colonel you have fought well and brave but it ends now."

Linn saw the right arm come up and the AC swivel toward his mech, turning to his right to present his Mechs left side and putting the Mech to a jog, Linn hoped to minimize the damage. The PPC glanced his left side with enough force to forcefully twist his to the left as the AC pummeled his upper left torso and stitched across the cockpit.

Star Colonel Hallis watched Linn desprate manuver presentinting his left side and going into a run. As he started he fired the PPC striking just behind the left arm, forcing the Mech to twist left as he fired his Autocannon. He watched in horror as the shells walked across the torso and into the cockpit.
Star Colonel Linn saw the shell explode outside his cockpit then his world exploded as two shells penetrated his cockpit.
He felt his left arm go numb, his cooling vest ripping under the shrapnel barrage and his instruments exploding.

Star Colonel Hallis saw the cockpit of the champion explode as two shells ripped into it. The Champion stumbled and crashed into the ground caving the left torso and crushing the remains of the left arm.

"Medics and Salvage teams to the Champion NOW!" roared Star Colonel Hallis.
After 4 days of intense combat the Fox Provisional Galaxy was defeated. Star Colonel Linn was killed as his cockpit was breached by AC fire from Star Colonel Hallis weapon pod. all remaining Mechs were claimed as isorla and any and all warriors and infantry were taken to work on rebuiling destroyed towns and made the lowest of the low.
The rest of 2842 was spent quietly rebuilding the destroyed towns on Circe. For Clan Woverine the salvage of the Burrock's forces completey rebuilt the heavily damaged clusters. Clan Blood Spirit was able to salvage the Lola III "Star Glory" with aid from Clan Wolverine the ship was able to jump to York along with the Blood Fury.
2843 was a quite year for the Wolverines, no raids from the burrocks as they tried to rebuild their lost galaxy. Clan Wolf left us alone except to occasionally to try to get the specs to the Pulverizer, Stag I, II and Mercury II. We lost our technical superiority when the specs to the EER PPC fell to Clan Hell Horses in March.
2844-249 were the best years for the wolverines, for five short years we had peace and quite from our neighbors and enemies. Alpha Galaxy was restored to full status after the long lull. Beta Galaxy was reduced to 60% operational status following the hectic years after our culling of the Not Named Khans. Delta lost a cluster due to a misjump of their jumpship. Epsilon Galaxy was operational with 2 clusters. With the Wolverine yards fully operational blueprints were drawn up for a New corvette to replace the aging Vincent.
blueprints were still being worked on for the new corvette, a new variant came online for the Wolverine Mech, all Wolverine Galaxies were rebuilt to full strength, Star Colonel Hallis hero of the defense of Circe won the Khanship. Adolph Cameron won the Sakhan position.

Code: Select all

Wolverine IIIC

Mass: 50 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: Core Tek 250 XL
Cruising Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: Northrup 12000
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
Armament: 4
1 LBX-10
1 Streak SRM-6
1 ER Medium Laser
Manufacturer(s): 1
Wolverine Alpha
Communications System: Tek BattleCom
Targeting & Tracking System: Garret T11b

Type: WVR-6R Wolverine
Technology Base: Clan 3025
Tonnage: 50

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: ES 2.5
Engine: 250 XL 6.5
Walking MP: 5
Running MP: 8
Jumping MP: 4
Heat Sinks: 10 [20] 0
Gyro: 3
Cockpit: 3
Armor Factor: 173 FF 9.0
Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 16 24
Center Torso (Rear): 8
R/L Torso: 12 18
R/L Torso (Rear): 6
R/L Arm: 8 16
R/L Leg: 12 24

BV : 1959 Cost : 9530001
Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Heat Mass
Jump Jet(s) RL 1 0 0.5
Jump Jet(s) RL 1 0 0.5
Jump Jet(s) LL 1 0 0.5
Jump Jet(s) LL 1 0 0.5
LB 10-X AC RA 5 2 10.0
@LB 10-X AC (10) RT 1 0 1.0
@LB 10-X AC (10) RT 1 0 1.0
Streak SRM-6 LT 2 4 3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LT 1 0 1.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LT 1 0 1.0
ER Medium Laser H 1 5 1.0
ER PPC LA 2 15 6.0
*** ES RA1 LA1 RT1 RT1 LT1 LT1 RA1
*** FF RA1 LA1 LT1 LT1 RT1 RT1 LA1

*** END

Code: Select all

heres a peak at the Wolverine Omnimech
Wolverine Omnimech
                          BattleMech Technical Readout


Mass: 50 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: 250
Cruising Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: Northrup 12000
   Jump Capacity: 150 meters
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
Armament: 1
Manufacturer(s): 1
   Clan Woverine
Communications System: Tek BattleCom
Targeting & Tracking System: Garret T11b

Overview: 0

Type: Wolverine
Technology Base: Clan Omni Custom
Tonnage: 50

Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure: ES                                    2.5
Engine:               250                                12.5
   Walking MP:          5
   Running MP:          8
   Jumping MP:          5
Heat Sinks:            10 [20]                            0
Gyro:                                                     3
Cockpit:                                                  3
Armor Factor:         163  FF                             8.5
                        Internal           Armor
                        Structure          Value
   Head:                     3                9
   Center Torso:            16               24
   Center Torso (Rear):                       8
   R/L Torso:               12               17
   R/L Torso (Rear):                          6
   R/L Arm:                  8               15
   R/L Leg:                 12               23

Fixed Configuration
  BV : 651   Cost : 5252502
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
Jump Jet(s)                   RT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   RT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   LT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   LT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   CT         1        0       0.5
*** ES RA1 LA1 RL1 LL1 RT1 RT1 LT1
*** FF LA1 RA1 RL1 LL1 RT1 LT1 LT1

Primary Configuration
  BV : 1782   Cost : 6920315
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
LB 5-X AC                     RA         4        1       7.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15)            LT         1        0       1.0
ER Medium Laser               LA         1        5       1.0
ER Large Laser                CT         1       12       4.0
@LB 10-X AC (10)              RT         1        0       1.0
Streak SRM-6                  LT         2        4       3.0
ER Medium Laser                H         1        5       1.0

Alternate Configuration A
  BV : 1782   Cost : 6976565
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
LB 10-X AC                    RA         5        2      10.0
ER Medium Laser                H         1        5       1.0
ER Medium Laser               LA         1        5       1.0
ER Medium Laser               LA         1        5       1.0
Streak SRM-6                  LT         2        4       3.0
@LB 10-X AC (10)              RT         1        0       1.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15)            LT         1        0       1.0

Alternate Configuration B
  BV : 1785   Cost : 6659220
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
LRM-10                        LT         1        4       2.5
@LRM-10 (12)                  LT         1        0       1.0
ER PPC                        RT         2       15       6.0
ER Small Laser                 H         1        2       0.5
LB 5-X AC                     LT         4        1       7.0
@LB 5-X AC (20)               LT         1        0       1.0

*** END
Clan Coyote with the aid of Clan Sea Fox/Diamond Shark, The Coyotes unveiled the first OmniMech in a trial against Clan Fire Mandrill. The Mandrill Cluster was decimated in a few short hours. Khan Jerome Hallis was said to turn pale white when the news of the battle was realised. One month later a Clan Wolf Trinary came to Circe seeking to avenge their honor against us. A trinary of our best warriors from Alpha Galaxy faced off against the Wolf Trinary composed of Omnimechs. Star Captain Mike Brown led the Wolf Trinary skillfully, destroying a star of Wolverine Mechs withing 5 minutes. Khan Hallis rallied the remaining Wolverine Warriors and plowed into the Wolf line, overuning them and discovering the weakness of the new mech. Poor Cockpit designs lead to sever blind spots for the warriors piloting them, poor ammo linkages for AC or LRM/SRM ammo, and Myomer Bundles sundenly giving out after extended combat. Khan Hallis seeing the Wolf Mechs showing weakness pressed his attack and quickly had his binary take down the new Omnimechs. Leaving only a reinforced star remaining of the Wolf forces.
Star Captain Brown sought out Khan Hallis, Soon the two were emeshed in combat, the remaining Wolf warriors along with the Wolverine warriors created a Circle of Equals around the two combatants. Brown using a Omni based of the Woodsman Battlemech (later to named Man O War) and Hallis using his tried and true Maurader. after an hour of grueling combat Hallis was down to a Medium Laser and two shots of AC left, Brown lost his Left arm weapons pods and his right arm was near gone, but its weapon was still there (LBX-5, SRM 6).

Code: Select all


Clan Wolf military boasts one of the few
OmniMechs designed solely to take advantage of the
Arrow IV artillery missle system. The Naga was developed
more than a hundred years ago from the Woodsman,
the precusor of today's Man-O-War.

Brown fired his weapons while trying to present his right torso to minimize his exposure to return fire. Hallis fired his last rounds of ammo for his A/C and his medium laser while dodging the missles and LBX unsuccesfully. Brown stipped the remaining armor of the left torso and left leg Hallis's first shot slamed into the right arm the explosion from the arm and the next round from hallis twisted brown to the left where the medium laser struck throught the weaken right rear torso armor and struck the gyro.
Brown tried desperatly to keep his mech upright and was dragged to the ground by gravity.
"Star Captain Brown is defeated. I claim as isorla the Wolf Trinary of these new Mechs." turning of his external speaker Khan Hallis switched his radio frequency to Gamma Nine "Mech Recovery Team Nine move in and secure the damaged Mechs and be ready to give a full debrief in 4 hrs."

One Hour Later:
"Star Captain Tricia Ebon are all the Wolf warriors assembled?"

"Yes Sir, though a few didnt make it." pointing to 4 body bags.

Addressing the Wolf warriors Khan Hallis spoke "Warriors of Clan Wolf how many will accept Bondmen?"
After the Wolf raid on us it became clear that we had not a strong enough force to hold our holding on Circe. Khan Hallis ordered that 3 warships to station themselves so as to discourage future raids. sending the few Omnis to the scientests for study and dissemination, Khan Hallis then set to rebuild the Touman.
the rest of the year was spent setting up two full Garrison Clusters on Circe. The 1st and 2nd Circe Garrison Clusters began forming on September of 2854 with one trinary of mechs, 2 trinaries of infantry, 2 trianries of armor and 1 trinary of fighters each. All members of the Garrison Clusters would be pulled from Circe population by holding a series of tests for aspiring freeborns. For the next few years Clan Wolverine would stay the course. The Grimore Corvette was taking shape, slowly.

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Throughout the rest of the 2850's Clan Wolverine tried to keep to themselves. only fighting when provocked or when another clan sought their ire. by the late 2600's the Wolverines had 7 full galaxies. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Tau and Zeta. although not listed in their forces were the 2 garrison cluster at Circe. the Grimore was launched in 2650.

Code: Select all

                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Grimore Corvette
Tech:              Clan / 2750
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              280,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            448 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       5
Maximum Thrust:    8
Armor Type:        Lamellor Ferro-carbide
    6 Light NPPC
    2 NL35
   12 Medium NPPC
   10 ER Large Laser
   10 LRM 15
    2 ER PPC
Class/Model/Name:  Grimore Corvette
Mass:              280,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                       84,000.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 5
      Maximum Thrust: 8
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 7)                126,700.00
Jump Sail: No Sail (Fusion-Charged K-F)                                   .00
Structural Integrity: 50                                            14,000.00
Total Heat Sinks:    1,300 Double                                      846.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                   5,100.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:                700.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Food & Water:  (278 days supply)                                       319.50
Armor Type:  Lamellor Ferro-carbide  (338 total armor pts)             280.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                 64
   Fore-Left/Right:                   56/56
   Aft-Left/Right:                    56/56
   Aft:                                  50

   Bay 1:  Cargo (1)                                                 6,656.50
   Bay 2:  Fighters (15) with 4 doors                                2,250.00
   Bay 3:  Small Craft (5) with 2 doors                              1,000.00

DropShip Capacity:  2 Docking Hardpoints                             2,000.00
Grav Deck #1:  (150-meter diameter)                                    100.00
Grav Deck #2:  (150-meter diameter)                                    100.00
Life Boats:  20 (7 tons each)                                          140.00
Escape Pods:  19 (7 tons each)                                         133.00

Crew and Passengers:
     21 Officers (21 minimum)                                          210.00
     80 Crew (80 minimum)                                              560.00
     24 Gunners (24 minimum)                                           168.00
     50 Marine Battle Armor Troopers/Elementals                        350.00
     55 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
2 Light NPPC               Nose        14     14     14     --  210  2,800.00
1 NL35                     Nose         4      4      4     --   52    700.00
3 Medium NPPC              FL/R        27     27     27     27  810 10,800.00
5 ER Large Laser           FL/R     5(50)  5(50)  5(50)  5(50)  120     40.00
5 LRM 15(400 rounds)       FL/R     5(45)  5(45)  5(45)     --   50    135.00
3 Medium NPPC              L/RBS       27     27     27     27  810 10,800.00
2 Light NPPC               AL/R        14     14     14     --  420  5,600.00
2 ER PPC                   Aft      3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   30     12.00
1 NL35                     Aft          4      4      4     --   52    700.00
1 Lot Spare Parts (1.00%)                                            2,800.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 2,554     280,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        3,397,714,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:      53,659
Cost per BV:       63,320.49
Weapon Value:      28,799 (Ratio = .54)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 1,641;  MRV = 1,598;  LRV = 1,196;  ERV = 449
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 341,389
                   (90,497 Structure, 192,170 Life Support, 58,722 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 143,377  (42% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable

the rest of the year was spent setting up two full Garrison Clusters on Circe. The 1st and 2nd Circe Garrison Clusters began forming on September of 2854 with one trinary of mechs, 2 trinaries of infantry, 2 trianries of armor and 1 trinary of fighters each. All members of the Garrison Clusters would be pulled from Circe population by holding a series of tests for aspiring freeborns. For the next few years Clan Wolverine would stay the course. The Grimore Corvette was taking shape, slowly.

Throughout the rest of the 2850's Clan Wolverine tried to keep to themselves. only fighting when provocked or when another clan sought their ire. by the late 2800's the Wolverines had 7 full galaxies. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Tau and Zeta. although not listed in their forces were the 2 garrison cluster at Circe. the Grimore was launched in 2850.
fixed dates.
to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From Clan Blood Spirit
Our Clan is interested in developing some new battlemech and ground vehicles with the wolverines.which also may include aerospoace assets-dropships and possible warship/jumpships. seyla any reponse can be sent threw our ilchi star captian alex blood spirit

to IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
From Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
Sir your Clans request for designing new weapons of war, particular vehicles, warships/jumpships and other assets is intriging. Scientest Master Killbourne is enroute to the IlChi's office to work/wrangle out the particulars of this offer, if favorable trials will be held for the nesseccary materials betwixt our clans. If and when these trials are held these conditions will be the primary of the trials. If Clan Wolverine wins two of three trials, for each individual trial that is, for that and only that endevour will Clan Blood Spirit forfiet 85% of the nessaccary materials, if Clan Blood Spirit wins then Clan Wolverine will be liable for the 85% of the materials.

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
i look forward to meeting your chief scientist killbourne and handle all the details i'm sure there will be a few trails which will be no trouble at all and i agree to the conditions of the trails seyla!

From: Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
To: IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
Seyla and bargained and well done.

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
I will have with the chief scientist pierce and chief tech kristine dicuss various mech and vehicle designs---aerospace and jumpships /warships, i will have other people help with that seyla?

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
here is our first idea for a mech the “Spirit Wolverine”--a 75ton mech- as far as weapons load we will need some help with this

From: Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
To: IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
hmmm we have two very good 75 tons mechs currently but to counter propose "Lancer" a 20 ton scout weapons loadout primarily enery weapons to reduce ammo dependency, "Badger" a 55 ton bruiser with a mix of ballistic, energy and missle loadout, as these mechs take shape possible at some time down the road they could be made into omnimechs depending on trials and actual combat to test them.

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
bargained well and done a light mech with energy sounds like a good idea to me and how about some medium tanks and troop carriers ---maxim comes to mind with improvements of course
how about a heavy tank with a guass rifle and some missles medium to long range and some small laser for close in support provisionally called “Blood Hammer”, speed compareble to other heavy tanks

From: Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
To: IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
merchants caste will look at the proposals and began calculating expendetures

From: Star Colonel Star Colonel
To: IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
Our Techs propose a medium fighter with weapons pods centered around either a PPC or AC/20 with medium lasers and LRM/SRM's for back up

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
excellent choice, sounds like a good idea and for the medium and light machines i was thinking purely energy weapons

From: Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
To: IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
we propose to make them calvary or rear harraser's *merchant caste with overview from warrior caste and scientest caste begins to send ripples through the manufacturing sector*

to Star Colonel Daniels Hallis
From IlChi Alex Blood Spirit
excellent idea scouts this will fit our clans needs, bargained well and done seyla

the ice hellion are seen as spoiled bratty children at best. steel vipers are considered to be a strong quiet clan best left alone and dealt with through trials and merchants if at all possible.
the rest of the year was spent setting up two full Garrison Clusters on Circe. The 1st and 2nd Circe Garrison Clusters began forming on September of 2854 with one trinary of mechs, 2 trinaries of infantry, 2 trianries of armor and 1 trinary of fighters each. All members of the Garrison Clusters would be pulled from Circe population by holding a series of tests for aspiring freeborns. For the next few years Clan Wolverine would stay the course. The Grimore Corvette was taking shape, slowly.

Throughout the rest of the 2850's Clan Wolverine tried to keep to themselves. only fighting when provocked or when another clan sought their ire. by the late 2600's the Wolverines had 7 full galaxies. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Tau and Zeta. although not listed in their forces were the 2 garrison cluster at Circe. the Grimore was launched in 2650.

In those ensuing years Clan Wolverine began full scale production of the Lupus and Coytl Omnimechs and added a Alt B, C and D to the Coytl.

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Type: Coyotl
Technology Base: Clan Omni Custom
Tonnage: 40

Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure: ES                                    2.0
Engine:               280 XL                              8.0
   Walking MP:          7
   Running MP:         11
   Jumping MP:          0
Heat Sinks:            10 [20]                            0
Gyro:                                                     3
Cockpit:                                                  3
Armor Factor:         136                                 8.5
                        Internal           Armor
                        Structure          Value
   Head:                     3                9
   Center Torso:            12               17
   Center Torso (Rear):                       6
   R/L Torso:               10               15
   R/L Torso (Rear):                          5
   R/L Arm:                  6               12
   R/L Leg:                 10               20

Fixed Configuration
  BV : 542   Cost : 7954918
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass

Primary Configuration
  BV : 1695   Cost : 9246418
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
ER PPC                        RA         2       15       6.0
Medium Pulse Laser            LT         1        4       2.0
Streak SRM-4                  LA         1        3       2.0
LRM-10                        LT         1        4       2.5
@LRM-10 (12)                  LT         1        0       1.0
Dbl Heat Sink(s)              CT         2        0       1.0
@Streak SRM-4 (25)            LA         1        0       1.0

Alternate Configuration A
  BV : 1729   Cost : 9463856
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
Large Pulse Laser             RA         2       10       6.0
Streak SRM-4                  RT         1        3       2.0
@Streak SRM-4 (25)            RT         1        0       1.0
Jump Jet(s)                   RT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   RT         1        0       0.5
Jump Jet(s)                   RL         1        0       0.5
Streak SRM-4                  LT         1        3       2.0
@Streak SRM-4 (25)            LT         1        0       1.0
2 Jump Jet(s)                 LT         2        0       1.0
Jump Jet(s)                   LL         1        0       0.5
ER Small Laser                CT         1        2       0.5

Alternate Configuration B
  BV : 1592   Cost : 9069668
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
Streak SRM-6                  LA         2        4       3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15)            LA         1        0       1.0
LRM-10                        LT         1        4       2.5
@LRM-10 (12)                  LT         1        0       1.0
Medium Pulse Laser            RT         1        4       2.0
Large Pulse Laser             RA         2       10       6.0

Alternate Configuration C
  BV : 1243   Cost : 9148856
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
LB 5-X AC                     RA         4        1       7.0
@LB 5-X AC (20)               RA         1        0       1.0
LRM-5                         LT         1        2       1.0
@LRM-5 (24)                   LT         1        0       1.0
Streak SRM-4                  LA         1        3       2.0
@Streak SRM-4 (25)            LA         1        0       1.0
Medium Pulse Laser            RT         1        4       2.0
ER Small Laser                CT         1        2       0.5

Alternate Configuration D
  BV : 1665   Cost : 9375918
Weapons and Ammo          Location   Critical   Heat     Mass
ER PPC                        RA         2       15       6.0
Streak SRM-6                  LA         2        4       3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15)            LA         1        0       1.0
LRM-5                         LT         1        2       1.0
@LRM-5 (24)                   LT         1        0       1.0
LRM-10                        RT         1        4       2.5
@LRM-10 (12)                  RT         1        0       1.0

With the Omni Mech production facilities and Battlemech output secured, Fighter production lvls were minimal and Dropship, Jumpship and warship production were now secured due to the Shipyard at Canton. The Grimore production was set for 2 warships to be produced yearly until a star would be able to be assigned to each major battlewagon. (Battleship, Battlecruiser, Heavy Cruiser) and then after that two stars worth would be produced for product transports ships. (a total of 9 stars worth.)

2900 - 3010
With the Clan now stable and able to hold their own against any predications, Khan Jeromy DeChavilier and SaKhan Jeffar Cameron (30 yrs old, 28 yrs old) began to look to rebuilding what was lost during the 100yrs of survival. Clan Snow Raven was approached to repair our lost friendship. Though receptive the Ravens were hesitant to openly renew our clans friendship.

The Mandrills though seem to represent the colors of a garish painting of bright clashing colors instead of a functioning society.