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Steve Ronin
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Post by Steve Ronin » Thu May 30, 2019 12:35 am

Greetings Mechwarriors.

I live. Really.
And I apologize for not having visited for 2.5 months.
but it was nice to come back to some activity...
SPECK updated the server and the backend.
DART is still writing and imagining fantastic fan fiction.
MARAUDER brought us news about the MechGrounds website.
LAWGIVER! made an appearance to shill his selling off those Locust Dropships he has had forever.
I have reached out to THECIRCUS via 3rd party contacts, but have heard naught.

So what is happening to my life?
My tabletop gaming has been limited to a rousing few hours with the Richmond lads (I guess I are one now) while attending RavenCon 2019.
Just a reminder that the game is still a BLAST and I miss gaming with my friends.
and well lately????

Today I left my job with the DLA. The contracts had changed radically and the money and commute argued against staying.
Monday, I'll be returning to a position for the Navy. Much better $$$ and half the commute.

So far in May, I've attended the HS graduation of one of my nieces,
attended the University graduation of Son&Heir's fiance. (yep.. fiance'. the KID has grown!)
and witnessed my Princess be awarded top academic honors for the 3rd year running. 4.25 GPA, baby.

so. ya know, life moves on.

I would post pictures from RavenCon and other mentioned events, but Photobucket is being a PAIN. Again.

Everyone is invited to follow the link in my sig to make comments.
I really enjoy hearing from y'all.

In the meantime... Play a game. Paint something.
but seriously....
Stay Safe Out There.

*Ronin OUT*

I'm hoping with the shorter commute, I may have time to paint this summer.


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Steve Ronin
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BTU Rank
Posts: 5250
Joined: Tue Sep 09, 2003 2:40 pm
Location: Virginia


Post by Steve Ronin » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:48 pm

Hello Reader.

I exist. I miss my friends, and like everyone else, LIFE is running me ragged.
Have I had time to paint this summer?
ha. lol.
I've barely had time to change underwear and feed the cats.
In the past two weeks, I've been to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis; Allentown, PA; Philadelphia, and Camden, NJ.
And that is just for the fun stuff, so I can see my daughter perform.

*shameless plug* ... ip-prelims
Cheer for the JERSEY SURF.

As for work... well the new job is a vast departure from the old one, and I'm still re-learning the ropes.
but the pay is good, and technically, I'm able to arrive and depart during daylight hours.
no more 12-16 hour days.
but my beautiful wife is working on her Master's degree Full Time to get her NP.
so I have to bring in all the bacon I can find.
even less time for BattleTech.

I have seen that CGL has FINALLY gotten off their collective arses to produce a new Clan Invasion box set for Kickstarter.
About time.... they're only 18 - 20 months late getting off the blocks.

Now we just need IWM to run a Kickstarter.
"Turn Iron Wind Metals into Iron Wind Miniatures!"
they need to obtain the means to manufacture resin/plastic miniatures.
... instead of forcing all that commerce to the Chinese.

anyhow... if wishes were horses.. we'd be living MLP. :lol: :wink:

I do hope all y'all are having an awesome summer.
Please DO take advantage of the renewed interest in tabletop BattleTech.
A lot of new players out there, looking for a few good Vets to show them the ropes.
Paint something.
Post it HERE first. Then post it all over social media. Reddit has a thriving subforum.
but most of all.

Stay Safe Out There.
**Ronin OUT**