Monday, March 19, 2018
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What does choosing a faction give you? When you post in the forums on Battletech Universe, you are identified by your chosen faction. Also, that faction's ranking system is displayed as well. When you join a faction, you inherit the ranking heirarchy of that faction and begin the ability to gain rank. Rank is based solely on post count.

  • Clans   ( 17 Articles )

    All of the Clan Factions.

  • Inner Sphere   ( 8 Articles )

    All of the Inner Sphere factions.

  • Mercenaries   ( 14 Articles )

    All of the Mercenary factions.

  • Periphery   ( 6 Articles )

    All of the Periphery factions.

  • Star League   ( 2 Articles )

    All of the Star League factions.

  • Dark Age   ( 4 Articles )

    All of the Dark Age factions.

  • Inner Sphere Units   ( 2 Articles )

    Inner Sphere Units

  • Units and Leagues   ( 7 Articles )

    Units and League Factions.


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