Monday, March 19, 2018
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Magistracy Canopus

Magistracy of Canopus


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Lying outward of the Free Worlds League, the Magistracy of Canopus is the third largest of the Periphery States. Founded in 2530 by Kossandra Centrella, an ex-Marik MechWarrior, the Canopian Magistracy is an autocratic state where women traditionally manage the government and the military. In the early years of the Magistracy, population pressure and social prejudice within the Inner Sphere produced widespread emigration to many Canopian worlds. Taking advantage of the abundant mineral resources found there, Floral Centrella, third Magestrix of the Canopian Free States, transformed this backwater collection of misfits and malcontents into a prosperous financial and political entity.

Faction Ranking System
Rank Image Post Count
Volunteer 1
First Ranker 50
Lance Corporal 100
Star Corporal 150
Command Sergeant 200
Banner Sergeant 400
Ensign 800
Commander 1200
Major 1600
Colonel 2000

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