Monday, March 19, 2018
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Hell's Black Aces

Hells Black Aces


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Ever since fleeing the Confederation in 3011, Hell's Black Aces has built up a reputation as one of the few aerospace-only mercenary units in existence and one of the best mercenary units period. Of Capellan heritage originally, the mercenaries have assimilated over time a sizeable portion of Kurita pilots, who have risen through the ranks to hold many command slots.

Faction Ranking System
Rank Image Post Count
Recruit 1
Leading Aircraftman 25
Senior Aircraftman 50
Lance Corporal 75
Corporal 100
Tech Sergeant 150
Flight Sergeant 200
Pilot 400
Flight Lieutenant 600
Flight Leader 800
Squadron Leader 1000
Major 1200
Lieutenant Colonel 1600
Colonel 2000

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