Monday, March 19, 2018
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Knights of the Phoenix

The legend of the Phoenix has endured through the millennia of human history. The image of the majestic Phoenix being consumed by fire and being re-born, rising anew from the ashes of its own funeral pyre is familiar to many cultures. The BattleTech community suffered a terrible blow when the FASA Corporation was forced out of business in early 2001. Our beloved game and universe had met its end.

However, the end was not to be. Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of FASA’s demise, FanPro and WizKids breathed new life into the game of BattleTech and a new vibrant era began for fans around the world.

The FanSite, BattleTechUniverse, has sought to promote and encourage the continued development and expansion of the world of BattleTech among fans, as well as supporting official BattleTech sites and projects. BattletechUniverse is continuously engaged in numerous projects that support the community and widen its support and visibility. As a result, a lot of expense is incurred. Therefore, the addition of financial support is highly valued.

To commend those BattleTech fans that give additional support to the BattleTech community through their financial contributions to BattleTechUniverse, the organization of the Knights of the Phoenix was created as an honorary status and position for such service, and are bestowed with the title of Knight.


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