Monday, March 19, 2018
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BTU Forums

Battletech Universe forums are broken down into several categories, below is a breif description of what you will find in each category.


ComStar HPG Uplink- Contains News and Site Annoucements.

The Command Bunker- Contains Subscriber (Knights) and BTU Staff forums, only viewable if you have access to them.

BTU Information Center- Contains Contest, Welcome Center, MyBattletech Support, and BTU Comments and Support.

General Communications- Contains Battletech Roundtable and Off-Topic Discussion.

Miniature and Custom Design- Contains Hall of Miniatures, Miniature R&D, Design Bureau, and Terrain and Large Models.

Fan Fiction and Art- Contains Fan Fiction and Fan Art.

Battletech Gaming HQ- Contains forums for Battletech Gaming.

BTU Commerce- Contains Exodus Road Hobbies and Sales & Trading, and Trading Feedback.

BTU Project HQ- Contains TRO and Regiment.


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