Monday, March 19, 2018
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What are Ribbons and Awards?

We at BTU wanted to provide an additional level of benefit for members who are actively participating here. We already offer cool prizes for contests and C-Bills to use in our online store. To take it a step further, we created an awards system.

The BTU awards can be earned for various levels of participation on the boards. This may include contest participation, member referral, subscribing, or even just being a long-standing, active member on the site. There's also staff- and admin- awarded ribbons for high-end participation and contribution levels as well.

Take a look at the Awards Gallery to view all of the available ribbons and find out how you can earn them. The awards are displayed in 2 places. Under your faction insignias when you post, you will see a layout of ribbons.

Also, when viewing your profile is where the awards will be displayed for your aesthetic enjoyment. When you click on award details, it will display all of the information about each Ribbon or Award.


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