Monday, March 19, 2018
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Clan Dark Falcon

Clan Dark Falcon


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Beginning in March of the year 3050, the Jade Falcon Clan began a series of attacks as part of the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. Over the next few months they gobbled up a number of Federated Commonwealth planets, one of which was Winfield. Their assault was brutal, rapidly smashing any resistance and decimating the planetary defence forces. Any aerial threat was swiftly quashed and the few Federated Commonwealth troops prepared to resist them were swiftly overcome. It was during this initial attack that two individuals were singled out of many, to provide a focus for rebellion and the birth of new Spheroid Clan. Captain Al Sheehan, a Mechwarrior and Jax, a private citizen, would become a thorn in the Jade Falcon's sides and by their own actions create a legend.

Captain Al Sheehan, who would become Khan Sheehan of the Dark Falcons was blasted out of his Mech during the initial conflict. He managed to survive and in the process took Star Captain Otho Pershaw as his Bondsman. So began, a series of attacks against the Jade Falcons, in which both machinery and personnel were added to the growing force. In an attack on the Jade Falcon's main camp, he liberated a number of FedCom prisoners and was led back to a secret supply dump. There he, after another serious setback for the FedCom forces, drew together a mixture of Inner Sphere men and women and Clansman. So, the Dark Falcons were born.

Faction Ranking System
Point One 1
Point Two 50
Point Three 100
Point Four 150
Point Five 200
Point Commander 400
Star Commander 500
Star Captain 800
Star Colonel 1000
Galaxy Commander 1500
saKhan 2000

Enlist with the Clan Dark Falcon



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