Monday, March 19, 2018
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Chimeras Commandos

Chimeras Commandos


Enlist with the Chimeras Commandos

The Commandos are a small mercenary company curently under contract with the Kell Hounds to reinforce the ARDC. The commandos are originally from Davion space. They started as a single lance unit in 3045 and have grown to three companies. They moved to the Lryan Aliance just prior to the clan invasion. They were involved in the fighting on Twycross, and more recently, Coventry, against the Falcons.

The Original lance of the Commandos is still intact as the command lance. Most of the original warriors were originally students at the New Avalon Military Academy. Nathan 'Chimera' Steele and several friends left the AFFS shortly after graduation. They were allowed to keep thier Battlemechs as a part of the unit's first contract with the Federated Suns.

Faction Ranking System
Sergeant 1
Petty Officer 100
Second Lieutenant 300
First Lieutenant 500
Captain 800
Major 1100
Lieutenant Colonel 1600
Colonel 2000

Enlist with the Chimeras Commandos



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