Monday, March 19, 2018
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Bubbas Raiders

Bubbas Raiders


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The mercenary unit Bubba's Raiders was created in 3050, when the mercenary brigade Omega Force lost its commander and subsequently disbanded. Following the lead of a Colonel Bubba Johnsson several mechwarriors continued to seek fame and fortune. In three years the company grew to the size of a full regiment, with their own dropships and jumpship Red Death. Bubba's Raiders is a mercenary unit, and is willing to work for everyone in need, regardless of pay. The mechwarriors in the unit are all friends, and none of them formally have ranks, not even 'Colonel' Johnsson. Each and every man and woman in the unit was once a soldier in one of the house militaries, and each of them (none excluded) has deserted. Reasons for this vary, but all the members hate true military doctrine and discipline. Be that as it may they all fight with ferocious capacity, and out of their own free will.

At least seven members are sought by various houses for crimes they did, and in some cases didn't, commit. Therefore they are all called by their first name only, and none of their names show up on contracts. Colonel Johnsson himself served three years in a Lyran prison for assault on a Lyran general. A general he once served proudly, untill given orders to abandon a complete regiment during the fourth succession war. He has vowed never to follow standard military doctrine again.

Bubba's Raiders hire any mechwarrior that wants to join up, without asking questions. However, new recruits are expected to leave military doctrine out of the unit.

Faction Ranking System
Initiate 1
Rookie 100
Regular 400
Veteran 800
Elite 1300
Raider 2000

Enlist with the Bubbas Raiders



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