Monday, March 19, 2018
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Red Star Renegades

Redstar Renegades


Enlist with the Redstar Renegades

Formed by surviving members of the SLDF's 250th BattleMech Division (The Stalingrad Division), the Redstar Renegades were built around a core of ethnic Russians (the Redstar Regiment of the 250th) and this tradition continues to this day. The aptly named 'Renegades' chose not to join the SLDF Exodus and brokered a mercenary contract with the Federated Suns. It went down hill from there.....

From the beginning of their mercenary career the Redstar Renegades have had one string of hard luck after another. Battered to near extinction on the battlefields of the Inner Sphere the Renegades managed to commandeer a DropShip and make their way to the Periphery where they resorted to piracy in order to survive. The only thing really distinguishing the Renegades is that they have managed to survive to the present day at all.

Remarkably, the Redstar Renegades have enjoyed an upturn in fortune in recent years. Beginning with an amnesty offered by the Federated Suns, and under the new command of Ivan "Crazy Ivan" Chenkov they have scratched up a few decent contracts in the Chaos March that have enabled them to upgrade their battle-worn 'Mechs with recovered Star League tech weaponry. Some additional 'Mechs have been recently salvaged and upgraded bringing the Renegades strength up to a 'light' battalion of 20 'Mechs and a support lance of tanks. All of the Renegades 'Mechs are of pre-3025 vintage and kept in working order by their over tasked pilots and techs. With all available spare funds being spent on the upgrades, the Renegades are unable to afford such luxuries as fancy custom paint schemes. For the time being all 'Mechs are covered with factory white primer and hand painted red star insignia.

Faction Ranking System
Recruit 1
Private 50
Private First Class 100
Corporal 150
Sergeant 200
Staff Sergeant 250
Master Sergeant 300
Sergeant Major 400
Junior Lieutenant 500
Senior Lieutenant 600
Captain 700
Major 1000
Lieutenant Colonel 1500
Colonel 2000

Enlist with the Redstar Renegades



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