Monday, March 19, 2018
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Blue Sword

Blue Sword


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Blue Sword was built out of what remains of the old Divine Omega Dragoon mercenary Units that were crushed by Jade Falcon and MechWarriors right out of FOIS MechWarrior Training School on Lucky Star. This unit was also built to help fight off the Lyran dictator who ruled the Federated Commonwealth. However, with this unit being backed up by a huge Mech/Vehicle/Fighter/and Aero Factory, they get the top of the line technology.

This unit is also very well paid from both the people that hire them as Mercenary units and a monthly payment from the FOIS Main Office. What is differnt about this Mercenary unit it's strong ties to both the Fed Suns and the DCs do to the fact that the Commander of the this unit. On his mother's side of the family was from the FedCom and his father's side of the family was from the Combine, so the ranks differ due to the fact that they are loosely based on both the Fed Suns/Combine ranks; but only the best can reach the highest ranks.

Faction Ranking System
Rank Image Post Count
Private 1
Corporal 35
Sergeant 115
Sergeant Major 230
Leftenant 460
Captain 780
Major 1030
Grand Major 1250
Leftenant Colonel 2000
Colonel 2500
Grand Colonel 3000
Leftenant General 3800
Grand General 5000
Marshall 5030
Field Marshall 5400
Grand Field Marshall 6000
Shadow Lord 8000
Grand Shadow Lord 10500

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